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[QUOTE=techinspector1;1671654]Now think about this carefully. If a rod bearing was going out or a rod nut loosened up, it would make some noise before it finally let go. Matter of fact, it would make A LOT OF NOISE. The kid would have shut the motor off in that case and would not have continued to drive the truck. If that were the case, and you could have heard the motor running with the loose rod, you might fault yourself. /QUOTE]

X2 - you're officially on the hook for nothing.

Quite a while ago, 17 years, my wife was headed home from work late at night. She was 6 or 7 miles from home when the check engine light starting going on and off. She said a couple of seconds later she began to hear a noise and it got louder as she drove farther. She figured that she was so close to home that she would tell me about it the next morning when I got up. She ended up telling me about that night when I had to come get her and drag the car home. That was the 1st engine I ever rebuilt, and not because I was a gearhead, but rather out of necessity (I was flat broke at the time and asked my employer for an advance to pay for it.)

The last two engines that I've rebuilt for other people were similar situations - old, worn out, high mileage stock engines with spun bearings. Both people shut them down when the engine noise became VERY loud. All three of these had to have the cranks cut and one new, or new to the engine, rod. NONE of them threw a rod. Do you see where I heading with this?

My point being, I can't imagine that this kid didn't hear something that should've raised his attention to make him think, 'hey - something doesn't sound right'.

My first piece of advice: tell the kid to save the engine so you can look at it when you get back home and make sure to tell him to save everything and don't drop the pan. And until then there is nothing you can do. The failure will be obvious if you know what you're looking for. There will be identifiable conditions showing a broken rod bolt, a loose rod bolt, an oversped bearing, or a lack of lubrication. All four will have specific, identifiable failures.

My second piece of advice : get back home safe and in one properly functioning piece. Good Luck (I hope none is needed)
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