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F-BIRD '88, okay, I'll do that. My engine is on a stand and I'm sure it will be important to use a level, shim wheels, etc. to ensure all is level before I start, to avoid trapped air. I do have a dial indicator and stand, so no problem finding TDC. I'll do this over this weekend and report back. Not looking to have my hand held, so I'll try to research the calculations best I can without bothering you, but I hope you wouldn't mind giving a little more help if I get stuck. The reason this is important to me is the short-block has only 39K mi. on it (it's out of a wreck and has been stored oiled and covered for several years). Budget is tight, so I would like to reuse it as is but still make maximum HP, and I know that takes decent compression numbers. If, say, the CR was in the "8's", with the particular dish cc I have (as some have speculated per my first post), I would find the dollars to replace the pistons with a shallower dish type. But since it's confirmed that the stockers are hypereutetic - and if after the volume measurements you kindly described come out favorable (9 plus points), I'll be sitting pretty. Still need to inspect the rod and crank journals, and measure bearing clearances, but I expect all will be well. the bores measure at 4.00" + - .001". There is no ridge at all, no scuffs or glazing. The honing is still visible. Cobalt327, that dish appears slightly deeper than mine, but it could just be the angle of the photo. Wish I had a nice depth gauge like that. I do have a good Starrett dial caliper, and I suppose I could play around with it by placing a flat bar across the piston top, resting the bottom of the scale on it and dropping the depth measurng device down from that, then subtracting the thickness of the bar. We'll find out soon enough.

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