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Originally Posted by theHIGHLANDER
Well like I said I didn't use corner weights. If I had then the right rear weighed the most when done. I never weighed that car by corner just front and rear. Why did I do what I did? I was at the track shakin down the new set-up and susp. The car left a little to the right indicating that on launch it had too much weight on the left rear tire. Does that make sense? If you read back about how the rear axle behaves on launch it will. So why adjust the left bar adjuster? By making the lower link on the left longer (about 1/16th in my case) it added just enough compensation to the right side tire to allow it to leave dead straight every pass.

Ladder bars are very violent and simple suspension components. They can take a major hit and still plant tires real hard as needed. I guess I need to mention that this was used with coilovers and a diagonal link. As heavy as the car was it only needed 110# coils in the rear due to placement and spring pre-load. There's a lil science and theory to that as well but maybe another subject.

As far as input, is your car behaving in a certain manner? Is the ride hgt where you want it? Coilovers are assumed. What spring? Did you weigh the car as you would be at the line ready for launch (I.E. you sitting in the drivers seat and fueled to a similar wt)? Lots of TQ? Auto trans? What convertor stall? Using a trans brake?

I've been under way more than my share of drag cars both in the shop and in the gravel in the pits. I'll be happy to help out any way I can.
I agree with everything you did. If you don't have acess to scales you have to do what you can. I was just double checking my method. I agree too much weight on one wheel will make it drive opposite. Thanks for verifying my thinking on this... I was right.

My car was pulling the back end to the right during a burn out. Launches are violent. Zero Traction. I had to peddle the car for the first 100 ft. 60 ft times vary from 1.30--1.55 1/8th mile is anywhere from 5.60- 6.05
Ride height is good, coilovers yes double adjustable. 110 lb springs.
Transbrake yes, stall @ 4500 rpm shift at 6500 rpm; Auto trans 2 speed powerglide. 3 degree pinion angle ( old slicks, 14X 32 goodyears, lots of check hole left but I think they are shot anyway ) new ones ordered.

Race ready weight..fuel and me...

LF 805 RF 735 F 1538
LR 700 RR 602 R 1301

After movin right rear bar 5 1/2 flats ( havent tried this setting yet )
LF 863 RF 677 F 1540
LR 645 RR 657 R 1302 total 2843

What do you think? Oh I just stuck some wheelie bars on it too, but I weighed it with them on it.
Just wanting to get some input from someone eles who knows this stuff. I'm not a rookie by any means but it always helps to have a second "eye" on a problem.
Thanks a bunch, You've already helped. I just got these scales, before that I always had to do it like you did yours.
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