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72elcamino 06-08-2003 05:00 PM

Lean or rich
Im going through the process of tuning my carb and I purchased one of the Edlebrock air/fuel meters with the weld in oxygen sensor. I've been working on this for a few days and think everything looks good at least according to the O2 sensor. I just pulled the plugs and thier white as can be. I can't understand how the O2 sensor can give one reading and the plugs another. The O2 sensor is installed exactly where the directions say. I need to emmission the car by the end of the month and don't think it's gonna pass. Any help would be appreciated.

toymobile 06-08-2003 05:14 PM

I live in Florida and the emission test were stoped a few years ago, but you can get almost any pre 1980 car passed by seting the timing on 0 and lean the mixtute down if your are border line change the oil or unplug the P.C.V. valve. Good Luck. JF

lozinit 06-10-2003 08:20 AM

A/F ratio gauges are fairly worthless IMO, unless you are running a wideband O2 sensor. Wideband O2's are fairly expensive and rather delicate, so it doesn't make much sense to install one of these.

The gauge will NEVER give you a real time view of your stoich, but instead will display a latent "trend" of how your mixture is.

Like I said though, do not rely on the gauge to give an accurate description of your air/fuel. I have one installed on my t-bird, and when I first got it, I thought it was something I HAD to have to make sure I wasn't going lean. Now, it's nothing more than a pretty LED that sweeps from side to side. Dashboard decoration.

Believe what your plugs tell you and not what the gauge tells you.


4 Jaw Chuck 06-10-2003 08:19 PM

The evil penguin wrangler knows of what he speaks.:laugh: ;)

TurboS10 06-10-2003 09:05 PM

If you are going to run an AF meter, then you need to look into a good one. The $30 ebay jobs are, as stated earlier, worthless. I think an Auto Meter will run around $100-150 and you are still seeing what the ratio was. I would say that this is not all together worthless. It can give you a good idea of what is happening at wide open throttle. It is not perfect though.


72elcamino 06-10-2003 09:50 PM

Thanks for the help guys.

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