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Originally Posted by old fords
I got were I could lay down a pretty good bead. I where slip on cowboy boots everywhere. My dad used to cut apart railroad cars ad he would only wear slip on boots. he wanted them so they would be easy to remove if something went in there

While being able to get out them fast may seem like a good idea slip on boots are IMO a real no-no, now before I get clobbered here the key is "IMO". The reason I say this and the reason I quit wearing slip-ons years ago is that while they may come off quickly they are by design FAR more likely to catch a stray piece of hot material in the first place! The design of a slip-on boot necessitates that they have a much larger top opening for the hot material to fall into unlike a good lace-up which fits much tighter around your leg. Your pant legs should cover the tops of boots anyway but this is not always the case depending on what you may be doing at the time but the material can get in even if the boot is covered. In fact most cases of foot accidents I have seen (and experianced! ) the material entered higher up on the pants, sometimes well above the knee. In the nearly 40 years I have been doing this I have seen this happen many times and slip-on boots have made up by far most of the incidents. When I ran my shop I had strict safety rules which included welding quality clothing and steel toe boots but although I strongly recommended good lace-up boots I felt it better to let the employee decide since there can be some argument both ways. It all boils down to this-You can shed a slip-on faster but you are MUCH more likely to get hot material in a slip-on than in a properly worn lace-up and if you do you will still get burned before you can get the thing off. It should be the user's choice but I would not wear slip-ons to weld with, IMO it's far better to keep the hot material out than to be able to quickly shed a boot that caught material it should not have caught in the first place!
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