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guumba 01-13-2004 09:11 PM

leaving a unibody on jackstands...
hi i am currently working on a 62 buick skylark convertible and i am wondering if it is going to hurt the car by leaving it up on the jack stands this winter while i work on it. the car is in good shape (not rotten) so i am probably just being paranoid. before i go to work i take a peek at it through the window to make sure it doesn't look like a banana. any opinions would be appreciated. thanks!

poncho62 01-13-2004 09:16 PM

I was not aware that a Skylark was a unibody. The 64 and up are not.

Anyways, it all depends where you are putting the stands. If you put them under the "A" frames and rear axle, its the same as sitting on the ground. If the stands are toward the middle or toward the ends, I would be leary, especially being a convertible.

guumba 01-13-2004 09:55 PM

thanks for the reply, well there aren't any a arms or rear axle on it right now they are at the chrome shop :( the stands are almost where the a arms used to be (on the little frame) and the rear stands are as far back as close to where the axle was on the little frame rails (or whatever you call them) so i hope that i am o.k., oh and theres no motor or tranny in it right now either, so it shouldn't weigh much, i guess i should of put that in my first post. THANKS!!

guumba 01-14-2004 04:18 AM

some more opinions would be great!:eek:

malc 01-14-2004 04:41 AM

If it is supported more or less where the axles are located it
wonīt be any different to standing on itīs wheels.

tm454 01-15-2004 03:48 PM

Hold up that buick
Do you want a smart ***** answer or should I just repeat what poncho said?


Rat Rods Rule!:D

guumba 01-15-2004 05:28 PM

no you don't have to repeat what poncho said, i can use my mouse to find out what he said, i just meant i would like to hear more about what people have to say about this considering this is a forum and all

adtkart 01-15-2004 05:50 PM

I would not put the stands at the extreme ends with a drive train in. Other than that you should be just fine.

tm454 01-17-2004 03:23 PM

Who has the answer? I do!
My point being once you are given the answer to your question why push for the answer to your question again?? Don't you believe poncho? Do you know something we don't know about jack stands? I suggust you leave well enough alone and accept the asnwer poncho gave you already. Your not a troll are you?? LOL certainly sound like a me.......and there is another troll!


Rat Rods Rule!

Magikal 01-18-2004 08:26 PM

I have a 62 buick special and it has a solid frame....even if it were a unibody it would hold on stands w/ no motor...was there even unibody in 62? Use blocks/boards if you're worried to distribute the weight load if you are really worried!!


OddRodder 01-18-2004 10:28 PM

Yup Magikal! Good ol' AMC made unibody cars in 1962!


guumba 01-18-2004 11:07 PM

thanks! well it might not be called a unibody then, but it sure isn't like my friends 62 impala. could anyone tell me what the proper name for my type of undercarriage is? just because it has no full frame, just a small suspension crossmember with three bolts holding it on to my car then all the front suspension bolts to that along with the power steering pump. thanks again, peace!!

malc 01-18-2004 11:25 PM

:smash: Judging by your website it doesīnt matter what happens to it on stands,if itīs going to be twisted about
on hydraulics.:confused:

OddRodder 01-18-2004 11:26 PM

I don't know, it may be a unibody! To be honest, I didn't realize that Buick made a skylark in 1962! Is it a 62' Special? Is it one of those models that was unique to Canada? Do you have any pictures?

guumba 01-19-2004 01:02 PM

no malc my car is a lowrider but it has airbags instead of hydraulics just for that reason-i didn't want to reinforce everything just to bounce it and i didn't want to twist the heck out of it because it used to be my dads car then he gave it to me and he would get ticked if i ruined it like that. i'll try to post some pics of it today but i have never posted on a website before. oh and my website is a car show that my friend puts on here in canada and it it surely one of the best shows in canada!--and it only started a few years ago!! if your'e this way in the summertime be sure to check it out!! later!!:cool:

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