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Let's see those tool boxes

I've seen those stainless steel tool boxes sold by Costco. While the price is low and the box is huge, I'm not too impressed by the workmanship and the fact is it's made of stainless steel. The casters that comes with the low price boxes are not too sturdy like the higher end ones and can develop flat spots when loaded with tools and sitting in one location too long. My personal choice of colour has always been a red tool box and not one of those flashy neon or dark colour. I've worked in a large municipal heavy duty shop for almost 30 years and the only tool boxes that always gets the double take and the long looks from visitors and crews walking by are the big red fancy boxes made by either Snap on or Mac Tools. It's no difference that fancy cars parked or driven by will always attract the looks and stares from people. They recognized quality when they see it and know it's expensive. I know the prices for these tool truck type boxes are out of this world, but the trade in or resale value is still there long after the cheaper boxes are gone. I believe a used or repo high quality tool box is within range for most people who don't want to spend their life saving for it. A domestic car vs a Japanese import is a good example on how a good investment will hold on to their value after many years due to the manufacturing and sale price of the product. At some time, a mechanic will trade in his old Craftsman, Beach, Waterloo, Kennedy, or other no name brand for a high end tool box because he can now afford it and knows he's probably buying the last tool box in his career. Of all the mechanics I've known, I've never seen anyone with a Snap On or Mac Tool box trade down to a lesser known type (unless of course the ex-wife took it in the settlement and have to start from scratch again.) Buy the best you can afford and you won't regret it. I know some guys will whine about spending thousands on a good tool box vs a lower quality one that is more affordable. But my money is on these same guys will spend thousands more for a engagement ring on their girl because they want to impress her. A good diamond is like a good tool box, you pay for quality and not size (remember the diamond rules of the 4 "C's" of cut, color, carat, and clarity). I still remember Snap On Tools famous logo many years back "Good tools aren't expensive, they're priceless".

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