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Dreadlord 01-20-2006 08:57 AM

Licensing Hotrods
How hard is it to get your Home built hotrod licensed in the state of missouri.. as in titled and registered to obtain the license

ckucia 01-20-2006 09:12 AM

Can't help you on Missouri, but I've noticed these questions pop up with some frequency.

It would be a real resource if somehow we could put together a state-by-state guide based on rodders recent experiences.

Anyhow, in Ohio, there is info on the DMV and EPA web sites.

The DMV uses the State Highway Patrol to do an inspection, that is mostly confirming that the parts aren't stolen. Roadworthiness is largely determined by the builder/owner.

The EPA, I believe, goes by the model year of the engine (if it can be proven) to determine the pertinent regulations and if emissions testing is required.

Another concern would be insurance. In Ohio, the title says something like "homebuilt" or "self assembled". That covers a very broad range - from building a stock equivalent out of parts from various cars to something completely from scratch. Other than liability, any other coverages may be difficult to obtain. I haven't yet researched that aspect.

I haven't found anyone in the process who actually confirms that the vehicle meets any roadworthiness criteria. You would think that would be where the DMV would get involved, but they apparently don't.

One aspect that is kind of weird, is that (in Ohio) you bring the completed vehicle for inspection. Of course, you can get in touch with inspectors beforehand, but there's no sort of plan approval, as there would be for building a home.

MI2600 01-20-2006 11:16 AM

I would try something like "" as a search and look for Secretary of State, or whatever it's called in MO.

OneMoreTime 01-20-2006 11:24 AM

One will need all the documentation pertaining to the purchase of all the components used in the construction of the vehicle..Not sure about the state of Missouri but most states work that way..titling and ownership is one thing..passing DMV for roadworthy is another and then if one has to pass emmisions is yet another..

Main thing is that if you happen across an individual in the powrs that be that speaks "Hot Rod" you may be ok..if you run into somone having a real bad day yours might not be all that good..


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