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Fluorescent bulbs usually give off a green cast. Sodium vapor give off yellow, and regular incadecants are a little on the red side.
When you buy your bulbs make sure you are getting "daylight" bulbs or or lamps. They are balanced to try and resemble actual daylight. That is because it has a lot of blue in the light.
You may already know this but I would suggest using all the same color primer, and that it be grey or white if you are going to shoot orange over it.
If you shoot orange over blake it will take a LOT more color to cover the black, and the lighter primer will help it kinda PUNCH a little better.
And one more thing.......real paint booth lighting is "sealed" in an attempt to make it explosion proof. If you are painting and should back into a bulb and break it.....and the paint/thinnner/vapor/fumes are just right you could have a rather nice EXPLOSION. Electrical outlets are also a no-no because when you pull a plug or insert one there is always a little spark.
I have shot a lot of stuff in small garages, with bad ventilation, and just florecent fixtures propped up against the wall, and have never had a problem but there is a REASON every code in the country requires explosion proof lighting.....I think.
At any rate I never risked someone else's or someone else's cars safety doing it. It was just me and my stuff.
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