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Rubberman2003 01-19-2004 09:28 PM

Like or no like?
This is the paint color i want on my car. This has the same ground effects/hood/paint..including the stripes that im wanting to go with. What do you think? I hate the wheels though.

Forgot pic.

Jag Daddy 01-19-2004 09:40 PM

I like the color! I've always liked a gun metal gray. The stripes are blue or black? I agree the rims gotta go.


Carbed95GT 01-19-2004 10:06 PM

I like the car AND the color! Is that Spiral grey off the Vettes?

Rubberman2003 01-19-2004 10:25 PM

The color is called Gun metal Grey, the stripes are black.

malc 01-20-2004 01:16 AM

Looks good, if you like it do it.
Trouble with this type of vehicle is the engine compartment
(no one says motor compartment or motor bay) are you going to strip that out and paint same color?

k2mooch 01-20-2004 06:31 AM

I like the kit. Doesn't look too radical. I dunno though, grey just never really stood out for me. It always looks blurry or dirty. Maybe it's just my vision.

I think you should make 'em bright and fast. Yea yea, I know. Now you're gonna attract attention from the cops, blah blah blah. Well. . . . . . . .build it faster then:thumbup:


Native Gearhead 01-20-2004 06:46 AM

I like the grey, too. I might be tempted to go with Navy stripes depending on the interior color. Guess I'm with K2Mooch too, it is a bit "reserved" and would look just as good on a Crown Vic. A nice bright red w/black stripes would be a little more fun.

malc 01-20-2004 02:04 PM

Rubberman check your PMs was that info on trunk mounted batteries okay?

tm454 01-20-2004 03:02 PM

CK the color?
Its not purple dude, I wanted to see Purple!


Rat Rods Rule!

Rubberman2003 01-20-2004 03:36 PM

Well my car is already fast so that works out good.

Its not really a kit, the Ground effects are off of a 91-92 camaro, the hood is obviously aftermarket. Then he has his bling bling wheels that i hate. But i think you just ment the setup. Just wanted to let you know its not a body kit or anything.

Malc: Thanks for all that info, i read them like 20 times. Refresh my memory, about how much cable did it take, and where did you get it. Any ideas on the total cost of the battery move? Thanks man.


mathjew 01-20-2004 03:54 PM

love the car, top to bottom great car.


killerformula 01-20-2004 05:31 PM

Looks like a good looking ride, rubberman, do it up! You definately have to put those strips on too. Other paint IMO that would look good:

Black with white stripes (Same style)
Read with dark blue stripes (like the old chevelles)


Malibucdl 01-20-2004 05:51 PM

Looks like my Brothers '87 Z28. And I love that car. Deffenatly do yours like that!!! I love it.

Yeah, trash the rims, send em to me ;) :thumbup:


hugo` 01-20-2004 05:54 PM

I would get rid of the stripes, they just don't seem to go good on that style of camaros, the anniversary ones look much better, flow with the body better. Also the stripes make the car look like the Gone in 60 Seconds elinor knock off.

The rims gotta go too.

I sure hope that you have the newer ground effects and aren't planning on finding the newer ground effects for cheap. If you are, your best bet is a parts car, because you can get a ton of other parts on a beater car for the price of new ground effects.


Rubberman2003 01-20-2004 06:44 PM

all of the body panels i need are at a junk yard, he has tons of F-bodies. Good prices to, but mainly because i deal with him a lot.

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