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drasticbean 11-21-2004 11:16 PM

Lincoln Versailles
i was just wondering , why do most rodders and custom guys use the rear end from the older lincolns versailles on rods and alot of impalas . i know the rear has disk can run skirts with no problem.on an impala . but what are the spes... gears..( i think its 2.50:1 ratio).and also Parts for these rear ends are therefore becoming scarce, and the parts that usually need to be replaced often in this swap (rotors, calipers, soft lines) are becoming rather expensive.whats the lenght of the rear......... but why cant you use a rear end off a car like the 1994 and up mustangs..the lincoln it 1/2 longer then the mustang.....the mustang has rear disk brakes also.. you can just replace the bracket from an impala on to that rear... just a question... any help would be great....

or what other rear end do people use....

what are the pros and using that rear end... 11-21-2004 11:49 PM

It is used on street rods because of the width and it is a drop center 8"type rear. Lots of custom gears available for it. It looks good. Tho, now it is getting hard to find.

The Mustang rear loader didn't get popular with the street rod people because it is hard to set up, it's ugly and sometimes a bit pricy on initial cost.

Now street rod builders are using the S-Truck rears. CHEAP, and gears and parts are everywhere . Also rears from early 90's T-bird/Cougar Fords are good if you want a simple independant rear suspension. They remove from the donor car with six bolts and are very adaptable to older frames. They give you disc brakes, Independant rear suspension (good ride). Tho the gears are a bit non performance. Aftermkt gears are available. They are also a good looking setup.

drasticbean 11-22-2004 12:10 AM

good information on the rear end.....

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