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zbhover 10-26-2010 07:53 PM

A Little Help with Stance and Tire Size on my V8 Bug Please
Hello Everyone as some of you guys know I have been building a V8 convertible 69 bug on an s10 chassis. I've recently finished rebuilding the front end of the chassis and think my next step needs to be figuring out the stance that I want to have so I can get the engine level, make up a trans. cross member, etc......

Here is the car as it sits right now. When rebuilding the chassis I put on 2" drop spindles, and the rear got dropped a little too with with shorter springs.

Right now both the chassis and body are pretty much level. The body needs to move forward a bit, but right now its hitting in the old rusted in s10 body mounts.... If I want the car to sit level I think I'll need to drop the body a bit more to close up the rear wheel well gap. I don't want to drop the body on the frame to much because I'm 6'3" and I don't want to have my head stick out above the windshield.... LOL

Here is a drawing showing what I think its going to look like when its done If I leave it sitting level.

Now it doesn't look bad, but I just think it needs a bit of a rake to it to make it look real nice. I could close up the front wheel well gap a bit and open the rear gap up a bit and get a little rake on the body, but I'm not sure that would be enough, and with the same size tires on front and back I'm thinking it also might look a bit off?????

So I messed with the drawing a bit and with larger tires on the rear end and a little bit of a rake to it I think it looks much nicer, maybe a little more aggressive?

So now If I'm going to be messing with tire size its going to make a difference in the hight of my trans cross member to get the engine level. I don't have the money to buy new wheels and tires right now but I need to figure out what size tires I'm going to want to use so I can move on....

Right now it has p21565r15 tires (about 25.5" tall) on front and back(from the s10), I have room to go wider on the back end, plus I'll be going taller, and on the front I figured I'd go narrower and maybe a tad shorter???

Is there a list of common tire sizes out there so I can pick something common and mock it up from that???

Lets start with the rear tire size, what width, and hight would be best, I'm planning on the car being a cruiser, no racing. Right now its just a stock 350 so not a whole lot of power yet, but I'd like to build an engine for it later, but probably only around 350hp.

What would be a good size tire for a cruiser with 350hp, 200r4 trans, and 3.42 rear end (rear end may change later when I upgrade?) 2500-2800lbs car, and I'll probably make some caltracs and put on the rear end.

How about front tires can I go shorter, and how narrow???

Any disadvantages to going with different size tires in front and back???? Well besides shorter life because I can't rotate them.

Any reasons I should stick with the same size tires front and back???

Thanks for all the help guys!!!

raidmagic 11-01-2010 06:27 PM

Stance? You can't get any better than this!

Check out the build thread here. Lots of reading but an amazing car.

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