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Michael Clark 03-04-2008 04:10 PM

Lizard skin application questions
What is the best temperature to apply Lizard skin ceramic coating to the interior of a vehicle and also under the fenders/running boards? I opened one 2 gallon bucket and even after prolonged sturring (with a drill) it was unbelievably thick. Does the lizard skin need to be thinned prior to spraying or is this actually supposed to be this super thick consistancy? Can this be applied with an under coating spray gun and what pressure should be used? I know the air pressure lizard skin recommends, but what pressure works BEST in the real world to get as smooth an appearance as possible. I'm wanting to have as smooth of application or appearance as possible under my fenders & running boards because I'm planning on topcoating the lizard skin with base coat clear coat. All the metal surfaces are properly coated with primer. I'm wondering if putting the coating on with a roller would make the appearance smoother, but I'm not sure. Hopefully some of you fellow board members have actually used this lizard skin and can offer some learned advice. Thanks in advance. :thumbup:

ortamenxs 03-08-2008 03:29 PM

Never used lizard skin, seen it after it has been done, but have done a lot of painting though, I'll throw my 2 cents out here, it may do some good. If it is thick it will be difficult to spray on and make it look good, thick paint/coating tends to run badly. I wouldn't suggest using a roller, it won't finish as you think, especially over a large area like running boards. Since it is thick (I've painted forktrucks with very thick, un thinned industrial paint) you probably will have to use about 65lbs pressure on your gun, and lower and you'll probably get bad streaks and running. I'd test paint a piece of sheet metal first, thick heavy coating material can be hard to gauge speed/stroke to get a even smooth coat. Good Luck!

motomonkey 03-12-2008 05:06 AM

I have used lizard skin and i bought the gun with the product so i am not sure how the gun you have will work. I always sprayed it in hotter weather as this helps it dry faster. it is super thick and needs alot of pressure to pull it throught the tip. to get it smooth you have to play with air pressure and distance, especcially if you are using an undercoat gun. Don't expect it to go on like a heavy primer, it will have a little more texture than that. top coating with base clear is only going to magnify the texture. if you wnat it smooth you will have to prime and sand to fill the texture and we both know how much work that is. I personally dont like the look of top coated texture, if its a driver just lizard skin it and drive it. if its a show car I dont reccomend top coated lizard skin. Call Mike and he will give all the help you need, he is very nice and wants to help his customers. DO NOT ROLL IT UNLESS YOU WANT A TON OF TEXTURE!!

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