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speedwagon 06-07-2002 06:35 PM

lockup as alternative to posi?????
Hello guys
I was looking for input on the Auburn mini spool lockup as an allternative to positraction.
Looks like it would be fine for strip, but how would it fair on the street.
Thanks for any responce.

Sandman 06-07-2002 10:40 PM

In my experiance, I would stay away from a spool for street application, unless you have a huge tyre budget. They will scuff and wear very quickly. Not to mention being hard on the rear susp.
Sorry this is negative but I just cant see it working.


wrenchturner 06-08-2002 07:27 AM

I agree with sandman there not a street set up. :D

speedwagon 06-08-2002 10:35 AM

Thanks for responding.
I didnt think it was going to be pretty, but I thought it was worth a shot.

78 monte 06-11-2002 05:36 PM

I drive w/ welded spyders on the street.Let me tell you unless your going perfectly strait it sucks! Great for drag racing but cant corner over 5mph with out axle windup and tire chirp.Forget on ramps too.Get a posi.Or get extra axles

chevyelc81 06-11-2002 09:19 PM

ive got one of those spools in my 81 camaro and I love it, I always have posi when blowing sideways unlike the limited slip. I hated catching peg leggers on the right hand turns. I love the wheel chirp and I go through tires every 2 weeks just by having fun so im not worried about tires. The only down fall is I get pulled over every time a turn at an intersection with a cop around, he thinks im spinning the tires and I usually get knocked for un necessary noise.. :rolleyes:

[ June 11, 2002: Message edited by: chevyelc81 ]</p>

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