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Originally Posted by prostreet6t9 View Post
Not sure where you get this mid 10 second thing But OK,,,lmao
I get why the cam guys build these thumper cams. A lot of people just want the sound and really dont care how fast it is. Is it my thing? No. But if it make's the car owner happy I'm all for it as It's supporting our hobby.

Just as you could care less of a S10 Truck and trash on it because he dont have Roll Bars.. They could careless for your 9.90 car. To them they're car is just as important to them as your OMG 990 car is to you.
thank you those are my feelings exactly. anyway, i enjoy a lopey sounding idle but the efficiency of the engine is more important and i want to roll along with loads of power down low. low as you can go. ill trade all my horsepower at 4500 RPMs for a couple foot pounds of torque at 1300 RPMs. lockup torque converter, 700R4 trans with manual valve bodies, 3.08 gears or less even. i wanna bring the gas pedal off idle and have the truck start to roll right along. if it lands me 25 second quarter miles im happy with that. couple truck guys i know said i can make it sound good with certain bends in the exhaust. i am really struggling to understand how these cam numbers affect the operation of an engine. this engine will see long road trips and probably NEVER see 5000 definatly wont unless im stupidly and unnessecarily swingin my junk around. website descriptions of the cam dont really tell me too much. i really need to have a custom ground camshaft if i want to really hit the nail on the head with this 305 engine. Or to atleast understand how the numbers affect certain qualities of an engine to pick one close enough to save some money. what would be some good cam numbers for a custom grind for the operation i want? or better yet, help me understand cam design and I might be able to make my own judgements on how to set up my camming. i would rather learn how to fugure all this out than to be told which one to get.

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