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Originally Posted by pigjamelectric
Kusto, don't pay for a line drawing. You're wasting your money. And DV, nobody's ever charged for something so simple to help out a fellow HR. There are lots people on here who have lent their talent doing artwork and not asking anything in return but a simple thank-you.

Kusto, here's how you can do it simple. If you have an empty aquarium or a sheet of glass, put a light under it pointing up. Put a printout of the truck you want, put a blank sheet over top of it and trace it out with a pencil.

Next, take a sharpie and ink those pencil lines. Scan that picture, open it up in Paint, save as a bitmap, not a jpeg. Jpeg will blur on you everytime you save. Bitmap will stay clean. This will be your template.
Save a new version and call it something else. Play with it.

If you think you might have trouble tracing or with any of these steps, hell, I'll do it for you myself for free.

That is the trouble with people who do not value the hard work that goes into
"quality work." Trust me...I do "freebies" all the time. Only with quick Photo Chopping. Too many artists work for nothing and that has devalued them. Would you like to come over and work on my car? For Free? Yeah would you like to rebuild my 260? I put at least four hours a week doing forum members cars for free. At least four other forums ( for one). Just Photo chops. Illustrations take 12 to 20 hours of work! Do you think Foose does his work for free? No! He charges $5 G's for one original drawings. I know Foose personally and have worked with him. Also worked with Jesse James and am working on a pilot for a show that may be out next year. I only charge a fraction of that. It is a lot less than I would normally charge. Who would buy quality artwork at Wal-Mart? Nobody could . Can you get custom quality work there? I doubt it. I do like helping people out and have helped many people on this forum as well. But there is a limit on my time.

Also...why for Pete's sake would anybody do a rendering in MS Paint?
Kusto may not have the time to just "mess" with something. I am sure he saw the value in what I do. Otherwise he would not have asked the right questions. If you could provide the services for free AND do the quality work that I my guest.

Lets see what you can do...I'm waiting.

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