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rhall 08-26-2002 05:01 PM

looking for an engine rebuilding buddy 350 ci
Awsome site, looks like I'll get my engine up and completed soon with this site. I am Rebuilding a 1969 350 chev going into a 1991 chev p/u with EFI to replace the 305. I have got the block magna fluxed, bored, squared and decked.Original crank balanced to .000 along with the new fly wheel and harmonic pully. Thats for start, I am looking for some help on building the rest. Thanks

4 Jaw Chuck 08-26-2002 07:04 PM

Hey neighbour, I'm just a sled dog ride away from you. You must know Bob from Scarborough, he's just next door to you. If you need any help this is the place to be, many great guys here. If you need I can hop on the snowmobile and come over to your igloo, just throw some bannock on the fire and I'll bring the Molsons. :p

78 monte 08-26-2002 07:43 PM

Molsens???I thought Labatt Blue was Canada,thats what the grizzle bear on the comercial said???

dallam1 08-26-2002 08:11 PM

Yea, What did we do before the internet? When I bought my 81 Cutlass in about 1988, the motor was bad but the body was perfect. I needed another motor but wanted something cheap, quick and mildly powerful that wouldn't need a rebuild. A gent at work, told that a 403 would fit. I flat did not believe him so I called all around and nobody else thought the 403 would fit in my G-body either! The gent at work insisted that it could be done and knew where I might find a 403. I went ahead and got that engine for 318 bucks and lost sleep every night until myself and that gent slipped the engine into the Cutty's engine bay. Fit like a glove and remained there until last year, when I took out the 403(she was tired but still ran well) and installed a stock 455! Whats my point? Well, I could have avoided alot of anguish if the internet was up and running. However, when I tackled the 455 swap last year, I obtained 99 percent of advice from gents on the net. I'm sure the motor swap went alot easier using the net. You've got friends here. So go ahead make our day, fire those questions at us. You'll be surprised how many gents have been there and done that. My only wish is that I consulted the net when I was looking for a wife. When I first met the misses, she looked like Susan Anton. Now, I need every one of the 455s cubes to haul her big rear end around! Plus, I've had five little screamers with her! I should have worked on my Cutlass, more!! Good luck

4 Jaw Chuck 08-26-2002 08:29 PM

78 Monte, some rules for living in Canada.
  • Don't believe a single word a Polar bear tells you, they are all liars.
  • Don't buy a used car from a polar bear, all of them have had the odometer rolled back.
  • If you are trying to get beer on a Sunday, don't ask a white man. He doesn't have a clue.
  • If your trying to pick up chicks, ask a beaver along. He knows the score.
  • The posted speed limit is only a recommendation, if your driving a minivan or four door late model sedan...ignore them.
  • Beware the black bear, if he isn't trying to pick up your girlfriend he's in your garbage making a mess.

One last thing, it is not illegal to carry a whip and chicks love-em. :D :p

MHenricks 08-27-2002 05:53 AM

What type of driving will this be used for, street, strip or street & strip? Is fuel mileage important? How much cash is on hand?

Good Luck

HemmiGremmie 08-27-2002 07:08 AM

Your killin me! Kinda sounds like most wife stories. HG

bullheimer 08-27-2002 08:18 AM

how you like all this *****in motor advice so far??? <img src="graemlins/pain.gif" border="0" alt="[pain]" />

dallam1 08-27-2002 12:06 PM

Actually, some days are good and some are down rite horrible, with the misses! I even go so far as to put the misses over my knees and pull her pants down to give her a spanking, then I forget what I'm mad at her about!! Sorry gotta run, the misses is calling!

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