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Originally Posted by MARTINSR View Post
We don't need a steel vs fiberglass discussion but to just touch on this. First off, not all guys who want the steel car are like that, the car often remains close to original other than drive train mods.

But even if it were to be cut up like my truck, chopped, sectioned and much more. The point being at least in my case, I like the real vintage car because it has a history. I can't say "original car" because that means something completely different. But I personally like the parts even to have a "history". My cars carried kids home from the hospital, you know what I mean? They went on honeymoons, vacations, drove the elderly to church or out to a dinner to, they have a history. I feel the same way about the parts, about the manuals, I want original owners manuals not reprints because I like the idea that some new car owner looked at this thing to figure out how to work his new car, I dig that thought. On the repair manual, I love the old original manuals with greasy finger prints in them where some hard working mechanic thumbed thru it to get a car back on the road years ago. They have a soul, a history. That's how I see it at least.


and some also forget that they have it made... drive 2 hours and tow home a 80 y/o car that is not a total rot box..
up here the steel is real. guys.. (don't want to offend anyone) but they blast the fiberglass cars.. even tho.. their car is on a t.c.i. chassis, with a 350/th350, an ididit column and billet everything.. some the body is factory.. more than most are chopped/etc .. som even bought the body already built chopped /etc all new and IN STEEL..
and roll it off a trailor a 1/2 mile from the show field and roll on in.. at 10mph and then roll back out to the box on wheels then home..
I can't see the difference.. ones fiber ones steel.. neither is real.. if real is factory.. all are cool (in my eyes anyways) but be cooler if they drove them.. and here li my beef.. why have all these speed parts and the cost if it's only gonna put in and out of a trailor..
that I just can't see..
I like them all.. but I don't like the way some treat others in this case ,the steel guys blast the fiber body guys.. the steel bodied car is no more real than the fiber one beside it thats on the same chassis and drivetrain as the real steel car..
to me there all kool.. I just don't get the build it then not use it. thing..
and is where I think the ratrod trend came from.. build it. and drive it.. tho. today even thats become over the top.. but it started with the right idea..
Remember gray bakersfields ed. on the goodguys turning away his daily driven streetrod.. but he's smile'n from the grave..
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