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Originally Posted by F-BIRD'88 View Post
520 to 540 BHP dyno horsepower for 116 MPH and a 11sec ET.

But you must gear it to leave the line hard and use all the power of the engine.
(Get past peak HP rpm thru the traps.)
You must leave the line hard to get the ET. (gears .converter)

Such and engine when geared correctly will be quite happy cruising at 100 KPH at 3300-3500rpm.
Ditch the flowmasters.

I can get you a 11 sec ET with less than 520HP real dyno HP , but you must leave the line HARD.
( gears/converter/launch) plan on gearing it to run some 12-15% RPM beyond peak power RPM point, thru the traps
trap at 7000 rpm +
and launch at or slightly higher than the peak engine torque rpm (Race converter)

Not going to happen with 4.56's and a 3000 stall, using a Naturally aspirated 383 SBC

This is all based on 3800 lbs (car and driver) 383cid N/A motor and your 31" tall Sportsman Pro's
And a optimistic but realistic chassis efficently quotient factor applied to your car. (tuning the ladder bars etc to get it to work)
"Making it Hook"

Yah, that's a little exsessive lol...the highway drive would drive me mental.

Thats not true, Unless you re already unstable
As I said the engine will be quite Happy cruising at that rpm. @100 KPH
With correct timing ( vacuum advance) and jetting at cruise it will be fairly decent on gas too.
Of course as soon as you get your foot in it it is going to make power and consume fuel to do that.

As far as keeping you sane, start by ditiching the Flowmaster mufflers and make the exhaust exit at the rear bumper.

Note: a race converter is much more efficient and "streetable" when the car is geared agressively-correctly.
very little slip at cruise- will not run hot etc.

Under gear it and the car will be a dog and the of course the high styall converter will tend to run hot.
This is a ton of info to process lol, and I appreciate were buried in snow I'm headed out to snowblow and ponder lol.....will be back this eve....
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