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Originally Posted by 1Gary View Post
Well F-Bird,I have been close to a fairly large car club president here.We both have been at a number of cruise nights and car shows over the yrs.You know how we set on lawn chairs and bench race and talk about their cars.

Some have had blowers on their cars for as long as I have known them and there are some new guys that have them for going on their second season.
These are guys that I in person have stood in front of the blown cars and in person talked to them about them.Count on the being "Real Street" info.

Me if I count my very early yrs,given being 65,have been around hot rods for lets say 50 yrs.Watch it grow and evolve.

I am kind of insulted by the sarcastic comment about"leaving my fingers,tools,and dirt" out of a blower.

I am always a cost benefit kind of logical guy.As always like in everything else,if it sounds too true,it is likely not.

The guys I know with blowers using the best blower services out there(not a shadetree operation),have told me at best they get a season,maybe a season and a haft before the blowers need service and many need new Teflon strips.And yes three have 177's that told me that.So the idea of one out lasting it'd owner is just not the case.

One of the most critical relationships is certainly to know as a fact the amount of boost vs CFM in terms of heads intake runner cc's,camming, and carb size.It is a fact that blower motors MUST run a enriched a/f mixture so as to cover the top end to avoid a lean condition on the top end.That is also true using the best ignition timing devises out there to retard the timing at the top end.A carb's ability to change it's fuel delivery at idle vs secondary top end a/f just because it is mounted on blower,just doesn't happen.It is because of that fact we have seen the development of fuel injection systems for street blower motors where the fuel curves are easier to manage.

The combination of a fat bottom end mixtures and a retarded top end results in a heavier use of spark plugs.When you are not at WOT all the time the fatter mixture fouls plugs.And miss fires is the worst case for any blower motor.

Where there is heat there is power to be harvested,but there is a great amount of carbon build up in the oil. That is why turbo motors must have more frequent oil changes and the same holds true with blower motors.

The blower guys have told me you have to play a balancing act with trying to get rid of the effects of blower vs the loss of power.

I do remember many saying yrs ago,they wish someone would come up with a clutch system for the underdrive that they could program on the fly.I don't know if someone has that now,but sure sounding like a slick system idea.

Everyone has told me NO external balance cast crankshafts for any kind of blower use.The stress levels are just too great for number 2 main journal.

I am going to leave it here.Bottom line.As it is with anything in hot rodding there isn't any "free rides",there are trade offs.
The hits just keep on coming, I will amend my list accordingly
305 heads = garbage always
Budgets are stupid, spend what it takes to have the best no matter how long it takes
Dont home port anything, cause clearly the results will be mediocre at best.
Make sure all blower builds use forged cranks, its an absolute
And replace or rebuild your blower every season regardless of cost or need.
Don't drive your hotrod until its perfect, has the best of everything, and can suitably fill a parking spot in the grass with the hood open to show off all the cash you spent to get it there.
And make sure today's youth knows its not OK to use used, or recycled, or second tier parts on their that way, when they are finished college, payed off their student loans, established a family, a retirement fund, and have an unlimited budget to work with, they can finally enjoy OUR hobby.....except by then, they will have forgotten how it feels to build something, go fast, break parts, rebuild, and enjoy all of it....
I guess that about covers it.
Thanks for coming out.
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