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Originally Posted by 1Gary View Post
One more thing to your list while your surfing my user.Hard heads like yourself can't be taught.You sure your getting this or are you acting out like a brat kid??. All this FREE info and experience.The breaking parts is in no small way what I advising you against.
Likely a little bit of column a, and a bit of column b.
I can be taught, and not once did I claim to be smarter then the average bear. You have 25yrs on me, and with that comes knowledge and experience. I respect and appreciate that. It was the methodology behind it, it was your theory that indidnt agree with. In can't ever agree that a blanket statement about "open book build" is the way to go. My neighbour is 72yrs old, has been building his 57 Chevy for 20 years now, because he is saving for the best parts, the correct resto parts, etc etc.....he essentially now hates his car, its not a hobby anymore, its not fun. Its something he feels he started, so has to finish, nothing more. Guess what....its not ever going to get done. His kids have zero interest in cars or the hobby because lets be honest, buying parts your not going to use for who knows how long isn't much fun or very interesting. So he will move on, the car will get sold, and hopefully assembled and driven...but it seems dumb to stuff isn't pretty, its not the fastest, hell its likely not the safest or even the most reliable....but its absolutely a riot every time I drive it....and if something does happen....I don't have a pile of money wrapped up in it and it can be kids, boy and girl, both wrench with me in the garage, and both love actually going place in whatever I happen to be driving as a toy. Because I'm not waiting on the funds to do everything "right" ....I'm making do with what I have, or can modify, and I'm enjoying every second of it....the budget is going to be different for some, and if i had more cash to spend, I wouldn't be "saving" I would be buying the best, and still abusing it its not the dollars of it....its the mentality you displayed with your "go bowling" crack....if you can't afford the best, the. Piss off....the sport doesn't need you.....that's how it read to me, and its offensive, and narrow minded...and doesn't help any of the 20 something guys or girls that may be reading any of this inane blather in hopes of learning how to make their left over, recycled or used junk faster, more fun, and usable for its intent....and that's having fun...and getting involved....that's it.....I have nothing against you, I don't think I'm smarter or more skilled, but I absolutely believe I have a different outlook on things. For the record....I grew up in a street rod family, I have pics of me at all ages in my uncles rumble seat, 1935 ford, no interior, tired typical SBC, but it got driven, alot, and got me into this hobby....and as the years progressed the car got better parts, and a nice interior, actual paint even....but not once do I ever recall it being down for a summer, or not being enjoyed while he was waiting on only the "best" parts or waiting for it to be done "right" .....and I'm grateful for that......nuff said. I will gladly get off my soapbox and leave it alone.
Thanks for listening
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