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ForceFed86 08-19-2011 09:00 AM

Loose FWD shocks and drag racing safety…
On the poor mans quest for a better 60’ at the drag strip. Currently pulling a 1.46 60’ and my front end has no travel. I can literally grab the bumper and lift up with all my might and it doesn’t budge. Unfortunately I chose a 86 rx-7 chassis(light weight). There are no aftermarket drag shocks available. Running 8-way adjustable AGX shocks in the rear and front. Even on the lowest setting these shocks are very firm.

I decided to leave the factory springs and raise spring height. Then drill the FWD shocks and drain the fluid, then seal the hole. This resulted in a basically useless shock. Pulling up on the bumper by hand gives me a good 2.5-3” of travel now. There is a very slight dampening with the shock dialed to full firm. Still drives like I have no shock at all. Body roll is horrible, and the front end bounces. I did a few short street launches on the t-brake and the front end comes up very nicely now and seems to stay up as long as I’m on the throttle.

So I guess my question is how unsafe is this? I’ve heard of people doing this quite a bit but don’t personally know anyone that has taken a low 10 second (133 trap) car down the track this way?

oldskoolcoupes 08-19-2011 02:30 PM

RE: fwd struts
I haven't seen or heard of anyone doing this type of setup but I think the reason for that is you don't hear much from them after one pass. Personally I wouldn't use something like this ever end of story. Racing has enough risk with suspension,brakes and steering in good working order and I don't think it would pass any reasonable track tech. I am not a man with lots of money but if my car ain't safe it stays parked until I can afford to buy the right parts. And remember the Racer Rule #1 Fast,Cheap,Safe... choose any 2 :nono:

454 Rattler 08-20-2011 08:35 AM

Shocks in working order are REQUIRED at every track I've raced at.

Be safe or be sorry. Your choice.

How is your life insurance ?


ForceFed86 08-20-2011 09:40 AM

Wow, you all are laying it on a little thick with all the death stuff... A simple "I wouldn't do it" would suffice. But I thank you for your opinions.

I've also spoken to several people that have done it with low 9 second cars and said it works great. This being one of them.... 9.37 @ 150mph.

The NHRA rule book states you must have one working shock per wheel though. So I'll hold off,and fab up a custom 90/10 shock. If It wasn't endangering others though I would give it a shot. I won't take the chance of wrecking into someone else though.

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