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Lotsa smoke at startup. (Stock Chevy 350 with Q-Jet carb)

Ok, it's me again. Just passed smog, and now I'm willing to invest a little more time and money on this thing. Not quite sure how much though.

Every time I start this thing, it puts out alot of smoke.

When it's cold I can floor it once before starting it, then start it very easily just by turning the key. This is to be expected because it being cold and not running when I floor it activates the fast idle cam.

When it's hot, and I go to start it, I have to turn the key and quickly give it a little gas to get it to start.

Is this normal behavior for a 1977 Chevy PU with a 350 and a Rochester Q-Jet?

I was told by the guy I bought the thing from that it has bad valve seals, and that's why it's blowing smoke whenever I start it up.

Is this correct? Is the only way to fix it to have the heads rebuilt? If I were to have the heads rebuilt is there anything I can also have done without increasing the cost at all or by increasing the cost a little that might improve HP performance or gas milage performance significantly?

What other things might cause alot of smoke on startup?
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