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Augusto 07-06-2006 05:18 PM

this TH350 is driving me crazy, third time it burns the low/reverse clutch, have gone trough it very meticulosly but keeps happening, everything is rigth but still fails, any clue what could be wrong?, I'm a experienced mechanic, have assembled lots of 350's but this one seems to hate me, I even machined the piston to install five plates but still fails, case is rigth no leaks anywhere, just keeps crapping me.
please help, suggest something other than setting it on fire (I'm about to do it).

jakeshoe 07-06-2006 08:15 PM

Give us a bit of a re-cap on the history and what is the trans used for?

Low/reverse clutches are only used in manual low gear and reverse. They are more or less a non-shifting clutch. They only have to release coming out of 1st, and apply on a manual 2-1 downshift.

If you are consistantly hurting the L/R pack the first thing I would check is clutch pack clearance.
The second thing I would look for is a crack or porosity in the case in the low passageway area (near the rear of the VB, but check the entire case). Also check the VB for any modifications or problems that could cause a crossleak.

My next thought is that maybe you have some type of dual feed of the directs that is backfeeding low gear. Possibly a bad center seal in the direct drum or sealing ring on the stator.

Tell us more about the trans,
what mods, etc.

Augusto 07-08-2006 02:58 PM

I'm very ashamed to say this, musta been a little overdose of entusiasm while asembling, beer and trannies don't get along well late at nigth, I found the Z shaped gasket installed against the case not on top of the divider and the other gasket on top of the plate, I'm sure this created a bad leak in the VB, could this have been the problem for the last burnout? I'm sure I had the rest rigth, the clutch clearance was 2 pennies, the seals were new and the case aparently was flawless, still puzzles me the earlier failures, I just rebuilt it again and installed it back in the truck, hope this is the last time of R&R.
The tranny was modified following the Hot Rod magazine article "Poor man's TH350 hop up" july 1988, it works great while it works, strong firm shifts same as the ones you get with the B&M shift kit but free.
Please don't curse me even tho I deserve it.

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