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labreejr 10-23-2012 12:06 PM

LS2 Swap into a g-body........what is needed?
Today I'm buying a 6.0 LS motor out of a TrailBlazer SS.Im converting it from FI to carb and dropping in my 84 Cutlass. My questions are ........

#1 Do I need any of the factory wiring from the engine?
#2 What headers can I use for the swap?
#3 What is the correct oil pan for this motor in my vehicle?
#4 Motor is 390hp stock. What can I add to gain about 200hp?

Any suggestions, info and experiences with this are appreciated in advance. Im certain to have more questions within the next few days.

bigblockragtop 10-23-2012 05:27 PM

Well I will attempt to help;

1. I can not imagine you would need a wiring harness without the F.I.
2. Not really sure but you may need them custome built(headers). A little expensive but you get what you pay for. Also until you can afford that you may be able to get away with the stock exhaust manifolds after all they were good for the 390 hp.
3. This is a tough one. I am sure there are other sights where people have made this sap so they would know better. Does it look like it will fit now?
4. One of 2 ways a 200 wet nitrous system or a forced induction(super or turbo). A cam swap headers and since you are changin the intake already you will get a lot more hp then stock, but I am not sure about 200hp.

Sounds like fun. It was something I wanted to do to my camaro but the ls swap including the engind and all associated parts costs more then keeping my big block rebuilding it and adding a supercharger. That ls stuff is expensive but worth it.

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