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Post LT1 knocking problems

I swapped an LT1 into my vehicle and am having problems with knocking at really low rpms (sub 1500) under load. The problem seems to be at it's worst when I run errands in which I drive it long enough to get it hot, than let it sit for a short while while I'm inside, drive it a short distance to another store... basicly letting the under hood temps get realy high because I'm not moving air. I think that once the air temps for the intake get really hot (intake is in the engine bay) it REALLY makes it ping. Lifter noise is also much louder in these 'hot' situations. It can be very hard to make it do it on cold mornings when I'm first driving it, and of course I don't have any problems on the highway since I'm moving a lot of air and the RPM's never drop below 2300. (@ 80MPH)

I guess the real problem is that the engine isn't adjusting the timing for the knocking. I will look at drawing colder air to help with the problem and not loose power, but some day I will take it through a desert and only be able to get bad gas... you get the picture.

Anyway, I did hook it up at a shop and when I hit the pan with a hammer it registered as knocking, but did nothing with the timing. What could be causing the problem? Does that sounds like the computer? The distributor? I've only got about 1500 miles on the swap so far and don't want to damage the fresh engine.

Also, (and maybe this is the answer) is there a good shop in Colorado for these kinds of situations? People that know this engine and computer and don't care what vehicle it's in?

Thanks a ton for helping out this newbie.

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