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I agree with Tom on lower compression pistons and the late model rods aint to swift in a blower motor . I have 4 bent forged lt1 rods from a blower engine at 8.0 to one compression . If you want a good fun driver for show use aftermarket forged pistons and a good set of aftermarket rods . You need to put some thought into this project as far as how far will I drive it at what temperatures . If you plan a beach trip or vacation rod run you need to keep your compression below 8.5 ,,even better 8.0 with a blower . Engines build alot of heat with blowers and if your blower is oiled by your engine oil like some are it will cook your oil on a long trip . we had some fun a while back with a 350 low compression truck engine and a bm street blower and cam kit . The engine made lots of torque and turned up quick . It made a perfect street rod engine . It didn't have heating problems and it actually knocked 20mpg down with a slightly modified 700 r4 . We grafted an air conditioner compressor down low to cool the coupe on muggy days and help defrost defog the windshield . We got well over 400 hp out of it and its a daily driver too . Patience and planning . If you think bigger is better , as far as blowers go that aint so because . The bigger the blower the more cam and porting are necessary and if you cram all that air and fuel in a cylinder the bottom end needs big bucks spent on it to keep from grenading the pistons and rods . Another thing , low compression street blower engines run fine on regular where the bigger blower engines need premium and octane boosters or its spark knock city . Im not an expert and Im sure someone else has an opinion but this is my personal experiance from 20 years of engine building .
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