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cub 04-18-2004 09:10 PM

lug bolt stripped
I bought a 67 camaro a few months ago. when I started to remove the back wheels which are 10" mags with plastic center caps. The lugs were so tight I had to heat them with a pencil torch to get them loose.
Now the problem, someone tried to loosen them before and stripped one off in the axle so bad it is moving around and you can turn with fingers but I have no idea how to get it out or loose to get the wheel off. Any ideas? Thanks Randy

OddRodder 04-18-2004 09:26 PM

A tough problem that may cost you a good rim! Try this, take an angle grinder with a thin cutting wheel on it. Start cutting the lug and nut like you would make a slot in the center. (Like a slotted head screw) Keep cutting down the center as deep as possible before damaging the rim. Now, take a chisel and hammer and try to split and break the bolt and nut! GOOD LUCK!!:eek:

BstMech 04-18-2004 10:15 PM

A Bic lighter would have done as good as a pencil torch. :drunk:

You could take the axle out to make it easier to grind the back of that stud. Maybe you won't have to grind at all, but removing the axle will at least allow you to get in there to do something.

Let's hope it'll be able to come out with the drum/rim still attached. Maybe someone else has done it with the rim still attached and can say definately one way or the other.

I removed one once with the drum/rim still attached to the axle, but that was because the axle shaft was twisted in two, so the C-clip wasn't doing anything to hold it in.

Croz 04-19-2004 01:35 AM

Someone installed the wrong bolts on my 69 GTO and I had to fix it shortly after I bought the car. My problem was that they used caps instead of nuts and they were bottomed out. I had a couple that were free-wheeling like that. I had to use a grinder to get them off. What I did was cut the tip off so it had an opening. Then I cut a groove in the bolt and held the bolt in place with a screwdriver and used a wrench to loosen and remove the cap. This was with the wheels and drums attached and the whole thing still on the car.

4 Jaw Chuck 04-19-2004 03:20 AM

Use a small 4 1/2" angle grinder with a thin cutting disc and split the stud and nut in one shot.

cub 04-24-2004 10:06 PM

Well I got the lug nut off! I don't know if this info could help someone else but here is how I did it anyway. I used a Dremnal tool with a cut off wheel on it . I cut offf the end of the lug nut and then went back as close to the mag as possible and cut it off there. I had mag taped up just in case I slipped. Then I drilled with a small drill bit
between lug and stud in 2 places.I just kept going up in size until lug nut came off. hope this helps someone. Thanks Randy

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