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Great '48 Bow Tie

It was a slow day in heaven so Gabriel asked peter to watch the pearly gates for him while he took a break. Peter no sooner sat down to read a book when up to the Great Pearly gates walked Bill and Hillary. Peter was supprised to see them, and was not sure as to what disposition he should take, he said to them to wait there and he would be right back. Peter ran as fast as he could go right up to the throne and said as he was gasping for breath, Jesus! Jesus you wont believe who just came to the Gate. Who? Jesus asked. Bill and Hillary Clinton, what do I do with them? asked Peter. Jesus said, invite them in. Peter ran back to Jesus again panting and out of breath, Jesus! Jesus! THEY are not there! Bill and Hillary are not there Jesus asked. No peter replied the pearly gates are not there.
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