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First off,prepping a car isnt that ez and nobody can do it right without at least 1yr experiance ,thats every day so why on earth does every newbie think they can do it better than someone with the experiance. out of all the econo shops around Macco might just be the best and most times they'll work with you.just like any other place theres new guys that are just learning and others that have been there a while and know how its done.Thats the main reason some are good and some arent so good just make sure you get the guy with the most experiance to sand the car,putting a sander in the hands of a newbie is a sure way to get a terrible looking paint job no matter who paints it...PREP IS EVERYTHING....
You cant paint on a nice prep job,so what happens is the owner gets all pissed off because the car looks like crap and takes it personally when hes told the truth, he screwd the car up sanding it whether its the wrong grit paper wrong tools (like an electric orbital sander) waves ,gouges or half moons caused by the sanding pad being held too long in one spot or using a 20.00 DA from HF....Theres more to know about prepping a car right than there is to know about the actual painting so doing your own prep work is only good if you have the experiance the paint only shows how well the prep work was done ,thats it...
The guys at Macco sand about 5-10 cars a day so theres only about 1 hr sanding time ,it takes me a day to sand a car right so of coarse mine looks better but my paint jobs cost about 10 times more so what do you expect for 400.00 ???? that wont even cover the cost of my paint.....
For what they charge Macco does a pretty good job and 2,000.00for all that work is a deal but dont expect perfect especially if you prep it yourself and never done it for a living....Theres hundreds of common mistakes made in sanding and prepping a car and just because it was a lot of work and took a long time dont mean you did it well the best you can expect is for it to look like it was done by a diy'er if it looks better than that you did well and maybe got lucky but dont blame the shop if it looks like a cheap paint job,if thats all you paid for.
one more thing....dont be fooled by a shop saying they use PPG....PPG also makes some pretty crappy paint called omini and THATS what they use...not the good stuff,how could they if the good stuff costs more than the job? after all they are only there to make money and pumping out a fair job at a fair price is how they do it if you want them to spend more time on your car then you'll have to pay more...I cant think of any body shop that would even paint a car that someone prepped themselves because theres to much BS involved .be thankful for the ones that still do...
remember this:
theres only three types of work..... good quality, fast ,and can only get two so pick the two you want most...example :If you want it good and fast it wont be cheap...or if you want it cheap and fast it wont be good...
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