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Go to ppg's website and check out there paint, The more expensive are the higher lines. Omni mae is the lowest a single stage acrylic enamel, then just above that the omni base, clear. I would recomend a base clear for any metallic or pearl colors(for wetsanding, buffing purposes, and ease of application) and a clear will give you a deeper look and protection from fading. PPG does have factory colors, but not in the mae line I believe. Then higher is the deltron lines. I am not sure about the global line as I have never used it. The bodyshops I've worked in have used the dupont chromabase system or the ppg deltron system. $400 wont get you far for materials in the upper lines expecially with red. You should be fine with a gallon. If you run out on your base its not that big of a deal, just a hassle. You run out of clear you better find some quick, because you want a nice wet even coat, not a panel that has dryed. Remember when you are pricing the paint, get the hardener price and any reducer price too.

ohh, you won't need a gallon of primer if you only have two small dents to fill, you don't have to prime the whole thing if it is just faded and the paint on it is adhering well. If you go with the higher lines you could get three coats of base if there is a big price difference between buying three quarts compared to a gallon since your not doing any jambs thats would be your decision, but if you run out and have to buy more, it would have been cheaper to buy the gallon in the first place. Its really hard to say, depends on how the painter sprays it on and how well it covers. Sometimes in the omni line it is just as cheap to buy a whole gallon as it is to buy 3 quarts. I saw your link for the delstar. I would say that would be a good choice. Its been around longer then omni and its a polyurethane single stage, so It should be better then an acrylic enamel. It doesn't have a clear, but polyurethanes are tough paint. Imron was big years ago which is duponts line of polyurethane, Pierce used it on their firetrucks, we toured the plant back in tech school.

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