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calimstng66 04-23-2004 10:29 PM

maaco vs. Scheib vs. primer
remember money IS an issue. Looking for something to last one year at most.

BarryK 04-24-2004 05:09 AM

Re: maaco vs. Scheib vs. primer

Originally posted by calimstng66
remember money IS an issue. Looking for something to last one year at most.

It s not going to matter witch one you use, both will last a year.
Flip a coin!

tresi 04-25-2004 08:52 PM

In my opinion if you don't have the bucks to do it right I'd do the epoxy primer job. The reason is that when you do have the money you're going to have to completely sand that maaco or scheib job off and start over. No paint manufacture that I know of will guaranty that their paint system will stick to the maaco job. What if the El cheapo job starts to peel? if I was realy short of funds I'd get the $60 Kirker epoxy primer kit before I got t6he cheapy Maaco job. I'm not slamming Maaco, they give you what you pay for. At least around here they will do a good job if you pay them to do a good job but you're not going to get the good job for $299.

myfamiliacc 05-05-2004 03:55 AM

I'v had nightmares trying to paint over Macco jobs. If it doesn't react with your new paint as you are spraying it, it will start peeling with in a year.

The only salution, if you ever plan on a nice paint job in the future, is to strip the macco stuff compleatly off.

So ya I will also go with the primer.

roxy2345 05-14-2004 01:13 PM

Go with a cheaper 2K Primer, there are Primers out there that are DTM primers at a inexpensive price, compared to brand names like Dupone, BASF< PPG etc....Try to find ProForm. See and see part # PF645 and PF646

HARVICKx29 05-15-2004 05:19 AM

&*@!%& maaco. i took my camino there...$1000... told me i'd have it in a week. 4 weeks later i get the car.... dull as all hell... still red area all over(was red before blue). so i took it back.. they repainted.... 3 weeks later i pick it up... hood is bent. They told me my hinges were bad....(they closed it from the side and tweaked it) tailgate was dented and inner doors were still red... took it back again.. they fixed the bent hood WITH A HAMMER.. painted one inner door, lost a headlight housing thing..... now 4 months later it's cracking and bubbling all over..... hmmm shall i go back for trial number 4. FU$# maaco. don't go there EVER.

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