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SEEYA! BYE BYE! Don't let the door knob hit'ya where the good lord split'ya.

Your post sounded more like you were bragging about your car than anything. You failed to show a picture of the part in question (the rear end or lack thereof). Instead you showed us a picture of your "Boss" in an attempt to prove to us how "awesomely powerful" it is and how that must be the problem. You sound like every other kid who says "Yep, it's a four bolt main!", like that means it's totally awesome.

Now, why don't you give us some real info other than "Yep, it's a Boss!" and we can better understand why your experiencing the "traction problems" you're having. Otherwise, all I see is a pretty much stock 302 in a '79 Mustang and I can tell you that it's no drag strip warrior by far. In other words, put up or shut up, but if you wanna get all butt hurt over this and troll out on us then go ahead. Just remember, the ball is in your hands you can either take a little ribbin' and go with the flow, or act like a baby.

I'm no Hotrod hero by any means, but I can sniff out a line of BULL a mile away.

I'm sorry you're so touchy, trust me I won't bother you anymore. I will tell you this though, go back and actually read the posting guidelines, they can help immensely in your case.

Oh yeah, in reference to your little PM to me, there's more than just one like me in this crowd, we all smell a line of bull a mile away.

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