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Making a brand new headliner -

I have a 1946 Studebaker pickup (hence mu user name)
I have extended the cab 16 inches to have more leg room, and a storage spot behind the seats.
anyway,.. I am curious what material is best to make a brand new interior headliner.
Most of you probably don't know but just about NOTHING is 'flat' on a Studebaker pickup. The roof has a rounded top, the doors curve two directions, etc.
So I need to find something that is firm enough to hold the material and stay in place... yet pliable enough to fit the curves ( it has a few pretty tight corners.)

I was wondering if there might be something I could heat with a heat gun or hair drier so I could make the material it's "permanent installed' shape and then cover it.
Maybe I could cover the material OUTSIDE the truck when putting the upholstery on it.

A guy WAS nice enough to supply me with a pattern for the roof and sides
I DO have some support bars from side to side in the roof to mount a headliner to.

So here's a few other questions that come to mind.
1) what kind of material would be best I am hoping maybe I can find something I can heat until I get it to fix,.. then hold it in place until it cools, and when cool will hold the shape

2) what thickness is best

3) what size does it come in, and where do I get it. (I know I checked at out local Home Depot for ABS plastic, and they had no idea of what I was talking about..???)

4) any idea of the cost...

I HOPE I can get a lot of various ideas from some of you folks. I know many of you probably have first hand knowledge

(I'm still curious if I'll be able to get this inside the truck all in one piece??)
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