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Man could I use some advice

Howdy everyone,

First off I want to start off by thanking everyone thate even reads this thread, not to mention you that actually answer it.

Now let me tell you about my car. I have a 1968 Imapala 2 door fastback. My dad bought this car from a buddy in 1981 and drove it up til around 91 or 92. Its a pretty solid old car. The motor went out and dad parked it under the shade tree. about two years ago he pulled it out and rebuilt the suspension, had the motor rebuilt and transmission rebuilt. He then put about 60 miles on it and parked it again. (when one man owns 7 vehicles not all get drove.) I guess he finally gave in and gave me the car, he had allways said that when he dies I will get it, but now he says I can have it and when he dies I can ahve the title. So about a month ago I go over to his place (take the wife and kids and just made a day of it) crawled under the car and changed all the fluids through out the entire car due to it sitting for about 13 months with just the occasional start, and drove it the 50 miles home with not any problems. Since then i have replaced all the rubber hoses under the hood, (radiator, power steering, spark plugs, and so forth) I have dressed the motor up with some mickey thompson valve covers I had and an edlebrock air cleaner but that's bee about it.

the car has a 350 (and forgive me but I am not a true shadetree mechanic) and a set of "double hump" heads. Dad says it has a good cam in it but doesnt recall which one. And our buddy that rebuilt went to be with Jesus a few months back so I cant ask him. other than that it is all stock it has an OEM intake manifold, quadrajet carb (that was also rebuilt during the rebuild and there is no problems with at all) and no headers just exhaust manifolds that go into one exhaust pipe, with a "cherry bomb" glasspack on it.

Now what I want to do.

The car is pretty powerful for its size. But I want to make it jump a little more. I have a set of hooker headers that a buddy had on a 75 chevy pickup for three weeks and then he totaled it and before insurance got the truck he took them off. I bought copper gaskets for the headers and painted them with the high heat pain. I did some measuring and everything should still clear just fine (i was a little worried since they came from a truck and not a car...but hey they were free.) I plan on running dual exhaust from the headers and I am not sure on what muffler to get yet. I am looking at a Weiand 8004 intake to put on it, and have even toyed with going with a bigger carb. When I changed the plugs and wires, I used a set that I had for now and plan on going with a good set of both when I do everything else. i would also like to change the distrubitor and coil as well. Can you guys give me some hints on how I can get the max out of my money and make my old man proud. I am not all about pulling the motor out at this junction but if it came down to it I probably would. Also I would like some ideas for the rear end, I would like to gain a little more torque as well. I dont plan on having a beast or a race car. I just want something that sounds, DRIVES, and looks good going down the road.

If any more information is needed just let me know. I am unsure of the transmission other than there is a low and high, I have the transmission numbers wrote down I just have to look at them (i wrote all numbers down as I was changing the transmission filter and gasket) i also can get the numbers off the motor tomorrow in the day light.

Again thank you so much.
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