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Originally Posted by lakeroadster View Post
The unions had a big hand in this companies downfall. The union contract wouldn't let the bread products (such as Wonder bread) and the bakery products (such as Twinkies and Ho-Ho's) to be delivered by the same truck, had to be two trucks instead of one.

And when they got to the store with the goods, the driver wasn't allowed to unload the truck.

This is exactly the kind of sillyness that creates 4 jobs where 1 job is needed. That's great for the union, 4 people paying dues instead of one.

The problem is to be competitive Hostess needed to be more efficient.

Hostess management said work rules from existing labor agreements made it hard to improve productivity and spend money efficiently. For example, some rules required different workers to deliver bread and cakes, the company said. Twinkie Maker Hostess to Close -
thats funny... the same truck that delivers the bread also drops off the snacks.. at every store I've ever worked in (going on 25 years)
they unload, the receiver checks them in. and out to the shelf they go..
maybe it's different up here.. doubt it..
if the 18 wheeler drivers dropping off to the distrabution centers.. are teamsters.. yup they are not to unload.. it's a liability thing/issue.. driver dumps a pallet of goods.. they are held for the damaged product.. if the receivers do it.. it's on them..
and no stores going to receive product that is crushed after the driver dumps the pallet of snacks, or crushes the bread... they'll refuse it... but if the employees at the store level, or the receivers at the warehouse level. damage the goods.. they still have to take them..
it's got NOTHING to do with the unions.. and your idea of getting 4 people to do 1 persons job.. but everything to do with limiting looses from bad handling..
once the venders stopped allowing credits for damaged goods.. this started... because no one cared if the pallet had 15 cases of crushed product. as they'd send it back for credit.. now that doesn't happen..
thats not the unions.. that the vender... store level here the driver owns the route, he/she brings in the product.. once check in (received) they put it out on display..
so unless things are different for other areas.. doubt that or they'd not be closing down all of the operations..
but it's the IN thing to point blame at one group..
look at the business model.. the problem is in there.. and it's not just them..
the baker dept.. not making enough goods for demand.. summertime.. no rolls (sold out/lost sales) winter or any storm coming bread (sold out/ lost sales) product on sale not leaving enough product and not refilling it (lost sales)
thats got NOTHING TO DO WITH the union.. and everything to do with management and biz model..
can't sell it if it's not on the shelf.. snacks have long date codes, bread does not.. so you have to be smart about the bread end... but like up here.. they hint snow.or any storm and they could sell every loaf they could put out..
I'm sure this is the same everywhere.. but they don't.. and empty= lost sales..
so.. it's down fall is much deeper than,"well it's the greedy union workers"
bad management is the cause.. and them not fixing (read firing) that management..
cause when the wonder breads empty you are handing your sale to the other brand.. and you might not get them back...
nevermind them having 4 brands of the same things.. just in the bread lines

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