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Originally Posted by lakeroadster View Post
Even the teamsters knew the local bakers union should have taken the deal. Common sense says don't bite the hand that feeds ya.

You mess with the bull, you get the horn.
wonder if your employeer said, starting next week we will pay you 1/8th of what we did this week. oh and not our poblem if you can't pay your rent now.. we have the cards, take it or leave it.. as there are no jobs..
it's so easy to say the union was stupid..
untill we put your feet in the fire..
maybe email your employer to let them know you feel this way,, and you'd welcome a pay cut, cause, well you wouldn't want to bite the hand that feed's ya, RIGHT... right
If the owners where willing to replace the management that ran the ship aground.. twice.. they'd have a reason to have faith that the company will survive.. knowing that the same group that put them in bankruptcy court twice is not going anywhere.. most know, they'll be back in bankruptcy court for a 3rd time.. how many times do the employees have to take it on the chin.. as they run it into the ground..
but we'll give you 25% stake in the company.. but that 25% is worthless and never will be worth anything unless the management changes.. as they'll run it into the ground yet again..
we'll never know the WHOLE truth.. but if the union reps thought the company would be able to stay afloat. they'd have worked with the owners,, clearly they had no faith in the future plans the company was putting forth as their new plan that turn it around..
the owners if they didn't know before, nkow now that they can charge more ofr the products.. and will bring it back.. with low wage workers,, and laugh all the way to the bank.. some say that was the plan in the first place.. after the courts wouldn't viod the union contract..
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