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Ignition timing

Hello and Thanks for the information sofar.

Greg T; I am looking at Ignition timing.

I am new at this so bear with me. With the help of some friends we got the engine working about 6 months ago and it has been running ever since but it has been bothering me that it just does not seem to be running totally ok. I.e. I get lots of pinging at WOT. So I decided this week, since I'm off, to redo the timing from scratch and educate myself on how that works. I was using another article but I will review the one provided as well. (

The first thing I did was pull the plugs and took them to the engine building shop for this engine to have them take a look at them. They said they were fine and when I explained the pinging at WOT they indicated it was likely a distributor problem and to look at that next. Since the distributor I used came from questionable origins (i.e. it came out of an older chevy truck sitting around for years but I did update the modules inside) I decided to purchase a new MSD one (should arrive in a couple of hours). I then also decided I may as well refresh the wires and plugs. The plugs I used before are R45TS and, for now, I will stick with the same ones. (although I am working on figuring out if the stock Gap is correct - 0.40).

Late last night I used a stop piston tool to set my TDC acurately and it showed on the timing tab that it is set at 4 degrees advance. I then recalled the guy who sold me the engine telling me that it has 2 advances in the timing chain built into the engine. (which I read equates to 4 degrees). No information was provided by the fella on why he did that (as I read this is now typically done through the cam's) and I don't know where he is anymore to follow up so it is what it is and I'll work with that.

So, that's is where I am at right now. In discussing this with the boys over drinks last night as to the next steps we came up with the question I posed; which is, how do I do my initial timing after the new distributor is in and how does the built in advance affect that.
I should also mention that when I look at how the current distributor is installed it looks like it may be off by a tooth or two towards the 8 cylinder.

The plan following, after initial timing was done, was to then run the engine and start working on the next steps to fine tune the timing (lots of reading for me to understand it I'm not in a rush on this).

Here are the engine specs that I received from the guy:
rebuilt V8-350 4 bolt main.
Stock bottom end but rebalanced and new seals/bearings.
Heads: high output 416 heads unshrouded with large valves
Cam: 450 lift, 224 duration, 206 lobe centre.
Ignition - standard HEI
Intake - edelbrock performance intake
Holley 600 street carburator - pn 0-80457S
Tires: 31x10.5R15
I use 94 octane Sunoco fuel.

Thanks Again for your assistance!
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