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OLNOLAN 01-26-2010 08:16 AM

Mechanical Faux Pas
Some folks down here use the term "Faux Pas" to describe a mistake. It basically means false step, mistep,social blunder,indiscretion or a embarrassing mistake. I have learned plenty through the years from my mistakes, some of which were hilarious, some serious as a heart attack. I thought it would be fun to get people to admit to mistakes that they learned from while wrenching on their favorite hot rods.
Its amazing how many different terms people use to describe a Faux Pas;
blooper,blunder,boner,boo-boo,botch,bungle,flub,foul up,fockup,pratfall,bloomer,error,mixup,miscalculat ion,misestimation,misreckoning,slip,slipup,miscue, lapse, oversight,messup,imbecility,stupidity,foolishness, misunderstanding,misconception,misremembered,tripu p,misjudge,err,stumble,confuse,misstatement,false move,fall for,fell for,boob,bloomer,clanger,take for,took for,inaccuracy,fault,howler,goof,goof up,misinterpret,misread,misconstrue,misconceive,mi sapprehend,brain fart,mental lapse,caa clunk. Whew, Take your choice or add a new word. Then tell us about your mechanical faux pas. I'll leave it open for someone to get it started. I can bump it anytime with all of the mistakes I've learned from. I'm such an idiot, I've made the same mistake twice. :thumbup: olnolan

Please contribute more terms meaning faux pas, everytime I think I've found them all, I find another.

Additional words meaning faux pas; screwed up,

1954sheila 01-26-2010 10:36 AM

Just about the time I think I've made every mistake possible i seem to make another. But unlike some that I've made in life, I don't seem to regret too many. Cause I learn from them all, from not turning on the bottle before i weld, to not turning it off when I'm done and the bottle leaks out. I've not used enough hardener in the bondo, too using to much. The list goes on, but even tho I may swear a bit at first, I remember the mess up and try not to do it again.

OLNOLAN 01-26-2010 02:35 PM

Thanks for posting. I've got the feeling that there are alot of folks here that won't admit a mistake. Or perhaps alot of folks that don't make mistakes. My first experience with bondo hardened so fast I had to grind it off and start over. :D olnolan

DoubleVision 01-26-2010 02:50 PM

Isn`t that the cool part of it all? There is a endless number of mistakes to be made so life had to make it interesting enough to make sure you never run out. Don`t be so hard on yourself Olan, your not a idiot just because you made the same mistake twice. If you wanna feel like a sure enough walking screw up, do as I did. Learn something your determined you`ll never forget then it don`t come up for a while and when it does you`ve forgotten about it and make the same mistake over again. Then get mad at it and fool with something so simple for hours and not get anywhere then it dawns on you what the simple fix is because you remember what it was you learned about it before. then you get mad at yourself for forgetting and spending hours on something that took 5 minutes to fix once you remembered how.

Irelands child 01-26-2010 02:54 PM

Jon doesn't have enough bandwidth for me to list 'em all that have caused me grief, pain, aggravation, loss of hair, poor sleep habits and acid reflux just to mention a few maladies.

There are two/three expensive one that I can relate on building my current car: #1. The Billet Specialties GTX01 rear wheels wouldn't clear the Wilwood calipers = $950. #2 The first paint colors (DuPont ChromaBase) for my car - I painted a panel two tone just to check. Hated both colors = another $600. Then there are the beautifully upholstered Glide Engineering seats that don't look right in my '31 roadster for another $7-800 ( these should go in the classifieds, but....... :nono: :mwink: :mwink: )

Dave W

OLNOLAN 01-26-2010 03:10 PM

Troubleshooting a Misfire
Had a '70 Challenger with a high rpm misfire. Suspected ignition, changed points(dual),still misfiring. Noticed the coil resistor was a little burnt looking. Figured I'd jump it out to see if it was going bad. Took a long jumper I had with alligator clips and just jumped straight from battery to coil positive with the engine running. Went down the road to test, wound up first gear, no popping,wound out second it started popping(misfire). When I let off the gas, the engine stayed wide open throttle,pushed the clutch in,still wide open, shut the key off, still wide open throttle, let the clutch back out, jammed the brakes, got it off to the side of the road, tryed to stall it out with the brakes, all I was doing is shooting a rooster tail of gravel. When I finally realized why it would not shut off, I threw it in neutral with the tach pegged out, jumped out of the car popped the hood and jerked the jumper off. Engine shut down and dieseled a bit and finally stopped. What I discovered was the throttle return spring had popped and the holley hung up on the broken spring at wide open throttle. Rigged the spring back up cranked her up and everything was ok. I just knew the engine was gonna blow, that was a good 340. I learned to never bypass an ignition circuit and from that day on all my carbureted stuff has double springs. Oh, the problem turned out to be the fuel pump(going lean on the top end). On a high end misfire, I usually look at the fuel system first nowadays. :pain: :spank: olnolan

OLNOLAN 01-26-2010 03:22 PM

Dave Dubya For President!
Come on Dave, I'm talkin bout the funny stuff and what you learned from it. So did you blame your Wife for the paint colors? :mwink: I'll vote for you for President if you'll run, any party. :thumbup: olnolan

OLNOLAN 01-26-2010 03:39 PM

Dddooublle Vviissiioonn
Hey DV, So tell us what it was that you worked on for hours, to later remember that you had run into this problem before. Thats the funny part. Its also about what lesson you learned. "If an individual admits his mistakes to others and can laugh about it and let other people laugh about it, he not only shows character but builds personal character and gains respect from others by letting them laugh at him." You can quote ME on that. :thumbup: olnolan

Irelands child 01-26-2010 04:39 PM


Originally Posted by OLNOLAN
Come on Dave, I'm talkin bout the funny stuff and what you learned from it. So did you blame your Wife for the paint colors? :mwink: I'll vote for you for President if you'll run, any party. :thumbup: olnolan

It's funny now - but sure wasn't then. And no, my DW wasn't blamed for the colors - but she hasn't let me forget :nono:

Oh yeah - Holley carbs. and broken springs + high rpms :pain: :pain:

OLNOLAN 01-26-2010 07:27 PM

So She Rubbed It In A Bit
Thats funny, you actually picked the colors then she dogged you when it didn't look right. I think that would qualify as a Faux Pas. HAA
I thought it would make a funny thread, but nobody seems to want to be the jester. Use up some bites and tell us more. olnolan

OLNOLAN 01-26-2010 07:43 PM

Four Speed Conversion
Had a '65 Fairlane, 289 three on the tree, found a toploader four speed. Pulled the old transmission when it was cold, got my brother to help me stab the four speed. Had to order a shifter,cut the floor, man it was cold on the ground. When the shifter came in a buddy stopped by that worked at a Mobil station. He offered me the rack to put in the shifter and such. We pulled it over, put it on the rack, setup new shifter. Man I was excited ,my first v8 four speed. Took off down the road to try it out, the used transmission had a bad whine in it. Took me all of about 2 miles to realize, there ain't no oil in the transmission, duh. Worked out ok after oil. Tore up two bearings after about 500 miles. Fill transmission with oil before use. :spank: :pain: olnolan

Irelands child 01-26-2010 08:20 PM


Originally Posted by OLNOLAN
I thought it would make a funny thread, but nobody seems to want to be the jester. Use up some bites and tell us more. olnolan

Sometimes these take off slow - but hang in there.

Another one.

Same '53 Ford as above, different engine - a full race flathead. (Took it to college with me)

One night in front of the girls residence hall we were doing what young guys full of raging hormones will do - trying to impress the fairer sex. I decided to smoke the tires a wee bit so nailed the gas, popped the clutch. There was a horrendous bang from the rear, the car squatted then rose, I'll swear right off the ground--------but never moved more then 2 feet forward. Goodbye differential :eek: Adios axle shafts :pain: Amazing what a bunch of girls can cause to happen :mwink: We, myself and several friends did a major overhaul right where the car stopped (couldn't move it with so many broken parts jammed together). Luckily we had a friendly junkyard nearby.
Then there was that busted transmission(or several :nono: ) .... but that was other days and other stories.

Dave W

OLNOLAN 01-27-2010 06:07 AM

Haa Haa Har
Hey Dave, Them burnouts when you floor it and side step the clutch can take you from "HERO TO ZERO" real quick. Haa. Funny thing is the '65 Fairlane I mentioned lost the 3-speed the same way. Broke the tailshaft and housing, hence the four speed change over. Luckily I did it right in front of the parts store where I worked. Had to put oil dry on the hwy. to soak up the 90w. The hwy. looked like a staging lane out front, this was from all the employee muscle cars and the customers that would light up the tires when leaving. :thumbup:

unclebill 01-27-2010 06:20 AM

when i was restoring my 63 willys.
i tore apart the rear end so i could inspect ,replace the seals and repack the bearings.
i very carefully did a bang up job reinstalling everything.
as i was congratulating myself on a job well done.
i realized that i had switched the left and right hubs.
now the left handed lug threads are on the right side and vice-versa...... :rolleyes:

OLNOLAN 01-27-2010 08:09 AM

Six One Way, Half A Dozen The Other Way
Hey UncaBill, Never have figured out why they are left handed on one side to begin with? I call Goodenuf on this one. :thumbup: olnolan

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