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NOHOME 10-21-2008 01:28 PM

Metal and filler done. What Primer to start with?
The car is a 1961 Bugeye sprite. I have replaced over 80% of the tin on this car. The project is now at that kaleidoscopic stage where there is bare metal, electroplated replacement panels, filler, and spray bomb etch primer covering the car. For an idea of what it looks like, scroll down to where the car is on the rotisserie

Since the car is pretty smooth at this stage, my plans are to entirely coat it with a primer coat. After priming, I will shoot the underside, the passenger compartment and the engine compartment in color. (single stage urethane).

I do not plan to final coat the outer body panels until I have assembled and sorted the car. This could mean another year before the outer panels are finished. I will then spray with a high fill over the primer, fix the nicks and block sand before final color.

Since I really do not want this thing to rust out again, my intention is to use Dupont 2580 CR to cover the project. The person who sandblasted the front clip used this primer over the bare metal and it seems to cover well. It also LOOKs to be non porous and hence might protect the car panels while I sort out the mechanicals. While I will not be driving the thing to work in the rain, I expect it will go around the block a few times before it is sorted.

I am overwhelmed when it comes to the choices of modern primers and paints, does anyone have any advice on whether or not Dupont 2580 CR is a good product for this path? I am open to other suggestions and pretty capable of following the chemistry if it is explained.


302 Z28 10-21-2008 07:23 PM

First off, you need to get rid of all the spray bomb junk. That is not something you want to rely on whatever you putting on top to stick to. That stuff is for lawn furniture and such. Once you get that all off then you need to apply several coats of SPI epoxy primer to seal all those varied surfaces.


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