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Is metal in the oil filter a bad thing? :(

Well, I have finally got the EFI system and tuning figured out on the S-10 only to find that I am apparently having some oil flow problems. After running the truck down the road I start noticing that it only holds about 5 psi at idle and about 30 psi when reved. I think.......ahhhhh this must be a oil heat and viscosity problem due to the turbo heat and the tall grouted block. I buy a temp gauge and decide to go to 20w50 oil..........then it gets bad.

I pull the oil filter off and figure I might as well cut it apart to make sure all is well.........*****, there is metal in this filter. The filter has a fair amount of metallic iron or steel filings and also some bronse colored pieces floating around. I showed my machinist to get his take, and he said it looked like material from the crank bearing thrust surface. I used a bar to check thrust and it is not too loose and it does have some play, but I have not measured how much yet. He told me to check and see if there I had adequate clearance between the convertor and the flywheel. He said that all convertors balloon a little bit and they can push forward on the crank if there is less than adequate clearance. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

I am also just racking my brain thinking of anything that could have happened. I really dont think that it is a bearing since it still does hold some oil pressure when warm, but I could be just wishful thinking. If anyone has any ideas of things to check before I jerk this thing out, let me know.

This is my new turbo engine. Everything was new and checked out good on assembly. Right now it is on its first oil change after breakin and has very little run time and most at lower RPM. Everything is new. Oil is 10w30 Valvoline synthetic.

I am going to run the engine again with an oil screen over the filter and see if it is still producing parts tomorrow.

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