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Originally Posted by techron
...i tought my buddy how to mig weld with a 5 minute lesson... but he wanted to weld up a custom fence gate out of galvanized pipe. i refused to let him touch my mig until he ground all the galvanizing off around the welds...
Yup, researching info for that post taught me even more important issues.
Even grinding galvanized (or aluminium) material isn't safe! GRINDING produces some METAL FUMES and a lot of METAL DUST too. That's just as bad.
Its a p.i.t.a. and not always practical... but for a "well-planned" project (When?... ) the best way is to REMOVE the galvanized coating in advance, before any metal preperation or welding is done...
Originally Posted by Sanctifier
PATIENCE! There is a "solution" to the problem (pun intended) ...
Link--> Heating Galvanized Metal:
Originally Posted by MP
Heating Galvanized Metal:... 01/14/02.
To be safe soak the part in a muriatic acid solution overnight (to remove the zinc)...
... (Slowly add acid to water... Never add water to acid.
... Use a safety mask and long rubber gloves and mix in a well-ventilated area.)

then rinse with water.
Neutralize the acid with baking soda solution...
then treat it as (~ handle it like) any other part.
Originally Posted by Sanctifier
Buy two 3M Welding Respirators (keep a spare, there's a 'useful' life) and always use it.
Link--> 3M Class 95 Particulate Respirators (Store in clean Ziploc bags.)
Remember to ALWAYS weld in a well-ventilated area (maybe with a pedestal fan pointed
at your back, to blow the metal fumes away from your face.)
It looks like EVERYTHING we do in our hobby is a health risk...
grinding... welding... bodywork... painting... sandblasting... you name it!
All this info had another effect... It scared the HELL out of me!
So I tried to cover all the bases by buying an affordable Supply Air Respirator... and FIVE masks...
(for grinding... welding... bodywork... painting... sandblasting... you name it!)...

Auto-darkening Welding Respirator.

Expensive?... YUP! a bit ($385? for a basic -mask setup)... Worth it?... DEFINATELY!
Buying dozens of respirators over time is expensive too... and doesn't protect me as well.
My life (and lungs... and eyes... and hearing... and cancer prevention etc.) is worth a hell of a lot more than that to me.

My $0.02

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