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BigBlockBabe 09-05-2002 11:13 PM

On my '89 Bronco, the fiberglass top gets mildewed if I don't keep it washed. Now, I used Comet (I know! I know! Yell at me later!) to scub it off. Comet has bleach and kills the mildew, but I *know* it can't be good for it. The water that washes off is always white. Now that could be the Comet or it could be white paint! (The Bronco is white with a white top.)

So, in the future what should I use to clean the milder, and scrub the top. AND what can I use to prevent mildew?

Halloweenking 09-05-2002 11:38 PM

The reason your water is coming off white is white paint. As this happens with many fiberglass tops. You need to repaint the top and seal it from the weather. Your top is mildewing because of moisture buildup due to the porus open paint/fiberglass. After a few years fiberglass tops colors and paints and sealers deteriorate due to ultraviolet rays, fiberglass, its coatings do not hold up as well as the rest of the vehicle. Just use a brush to clean it, no need for solvents exspecially ones containing bleach.

HK 09-06-2002 06:23 AM

Hallow has it right. The if the top was in good shape it should be no more suceptible to mildew than the steel body of the car. Sand it down with 320 wet/dry, squirt on a coat of epoxy sealer, then a color/clear coat of catalyzed urethane and you will be set for life! I use white primer for the color coat 'cause it is cheaper than paint and the clear is doing the heavy lifting as far as protection goes. In fact, if you can find white epoxy sealer, you won't even need a color coat, just clear coat the sealer. Materials will cost right at $100. If you aren't going the keep the car you can cheap out for $20 with quality rattle can paint that will last a couple of years.

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BigBlockBabe 09-06-2002 08:05 AM

Ok, should I take the top off to do this or can I just tape off the rest of the truck?

Also, the top of the cab got mildewed, too. Not as bad as the top, but still got pretty nasty. Would a good coat of wax help? I used to wax my '65 all the time, but haven't waxed the Bronco in the 3 years I've had it. What do ya'll think about that colored Turtle Wax - this is for the truck itself, not the fiberglass topper?

Thanks for the help. :D 09-06-2002 08:53 AM

Taping it off to paint is fine as long as you can reach all the parts you need to with the paint. Just envision how you want it to end up and act accordingly. My mind's-eye-view of your situation is that there is no need to remove the top.

The cab must also have weathered, porous paint for mildew to take hold. By all means, if the paint isn't weathered to rusting metal, a coat of wax should solve the problem. I think you know better than letting the finish go more than 6 months without a coat of Turtle Wax - admit it, you just got lazy! Iv'e tried all the fancy pure carnuba waxes, polymers, silicones, etc., and find that they aren't any better than good old liquid Turtle Wax. Since it lasts at least 6 months and you should be waxing that often anyway, why pay $$$$ more for essentially the same thing? I like the idea of the colored waxes that don't show the tell-tale white residue but haven't tried them yet.

If you lived in a decent state like California, you wouldn't even know what mildew is!

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BigBlockBabe 09-06-2002 09:40 AM

When I had my ol '65 the paint was oxidized (I guess is the word) where it was faded and powdery lookin'. So I kept the '65 waxed to keep it shiny and nice lookin'. I also loved the way it felt, all smooth and shiny.

With this white Bronco, I just couldn't tell the difference when I would try the wax in one spot, so I never paid it much attention(and I was lazy!). I'll get on it though, cause this mildew problem is buggin' me.

Thanks for all the help! Oh and I probably will take the top off, I just gotta convince my dad its the best way to go. I'm too short to reach the very middle and besides that the top leaks when it rains so it need to be resealed on the inside anyway. 09-06-2002 09:59 AM

I hear you about the leaking top. We used to have a 440 4X4 Dodge Ram with the 'glass top back half of the cab and I swear, Dodge designed some conduits that channeled rain water directly through all the jonts in that cover into the cab of the truck.

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