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Soory but I have to tell you otherwise

Originally Posted by Old Rotor Flap
I have it on good authority that helmets offered by Miller and Lincoln are actually produced by a vendor in Korea. That's not to say they're not any good, they meet the specs established by Miller and Lincoln.

My choice would be Jackson's NexGen - still made in America, I think. My pal's USA made NexGen is several years old. I'm using my old flip down as my auto helmet died. So, I'm saving up for a good auto dark.......well, and an AR-15, a new Hayabusa and a trip to Tahiti and so on.
Im a new starting welder schooling at lincoln electric itself. I have no favor for any brands at the moment I am just learning for the time being, However I've been threw the factory and personaly know the head of the plastics shop. And been threw their to view production. Lincoln by far makes and molds all helmets in their main facility ground up. However the pain jobs as far as the fancy ones are sent out to be done by another outfit but still in the states and they just now started to make the plastic packaging that the helmets are packaged in. All in all very american. the only piece that isnt is that .50 cent plastic cover lens
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