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Nuck Chorris 04-23-2013 02:56 AM

Mitee Cutting Oil
I bought some Mitee cutting oil at a garage sale. I used at it work. Cutting with a bandsaw was not much different, with drilling it helped more than 30w. When it came to reaming though, IT CUT THE TIME DOWN BY 90 PERCENT. I've got to get more of this stuff. Little poking around on the internet and it seems to me that the product doesn't exist anymore. Are there any equivalent products (not thinned down for environmental reasons)? Also, I noticed on the can that it said that it has a Sulfur base; beyond normal ventilation, are there any health risks to sulfur based cutting oils? Thanks for your time.

32 Ford HyBoy 04-23-2013 05:13 AM

Lubrication the drill-bit must be lubricated and cooled all at the same time the best way to do this in a household situation is to make a mixture called an emulsion. This is a mix of oil and water and is used in steel cutting.For home use 2 parts water and one part olive or rape-seed oil and add a little dish washing liquid about tea-spoon full. Mix together by shaking vigorously in a discarded dish washing liquid bottle. You can use the bottle and nozzle to apply liberal amounts of the emulsion to the drill while drilling. (I know some machinist that use only the green colored dish washing detergent).
Remember, type of matl. and thickness play an important role and, Generally speaking, the smaller the drill the faster the speed. The larger the drill the slower. I say generally because when you start drilling some of the exotic matls. ie: Titanium as well as others, you could "work harden" the material by using to many rpm's.

Old Fool 04-23-2013 05:08 PM

There are a number of sulphur based thread cutting oils.
Ridgid & Oatey come to mind.

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