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hot_rod_kid 07-16-2002 12:22 PM

model car home chopping
How would i fill the gap in between the top of the roff and the body, i used coulk, but it didnt work, would putty work, i hope u can help because i have a show to be at in 2 weeks.

awsum34 07-16-2002 12:51 PM

Go to a hobby store, you can buy putty for models. should be with the paint and glue 07-16-2002 02:45 PM

I like to use JB Weld 5 minute epoxy or Bondo. dry very fast and don't shrink like model body putty does.

big dreams 07-16-2002 06:08 PM

[ July 16, 2002: Message edited by: big dreams ]</p>

2oldster 07-16-2002 07:39 PM

Don't know just how old you are but if you're real careful you can melt a scrap of plastic into place with a soldering gun. Then sand and touch up with primer and sand again. I use this method on plastic auto parts all the time. The stress is on careful.

Halloweenking 07-16-2002 11:00 PM

Go check out Lowrider bike magazine, they have a tramedous amout of model stuff in there and may be able to tell you where to get those cool little rims and things they use while making them. They could tell you the right stuff to use, or at least what they use, anythings fair game in my book.


Madd Syntst 07-17-2002 06:22 AM

2Oldster, after reading your post, I believe you have earned your name. I haven't seen anybody do that trick in a long ars time :eek:

4 Jaw Chuck 07-17-2002 08:05 AM

Model stores sell sheet styrene and you could do a chop just like the real thing. One of the neatest things you could do is get some 3/32 styrene rod and use a dremel tool to perform some plastic welding. Use model filler for the fill.

hot_rod_kid 07-18-2002 09:59 AM

I'll make tip of all your ideas, i used the dremel tool to do the chop, and then sanded it to a smooth surface, i glued the front roof parts, then i put coulk on the back part(its a 49 ford sedan delivery), then i painted primer, glued the inside (for save keeping), the coulk broke off after it dried. I was very mad after all that hard work , i wish/hope the putty works!!!

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