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lluciano77 08-07-2005 09:33 AM

molding a fiberglass cowl to a steel hood
I used to have a '73 Challenger that had a fiberglass cowl flawlessly molded to the factory hood. I was wondering how they did it.

I was thinking of getting a 4" Harwood scoop. Would constuction adhesive keep it down and survive the elements? I can use bondo to float out theedges so it looks like one piece.

What do the body shop guys do?

302 Z28 08-07-2005 10:08 AM

There are many ways to do this, here is how I would do it.

Once the opening is cut to size I would place the hood in position. Mark and drill holes equally spaced all around it for pop rivets through the scoop and steel hood. Rough up both mating surfaces with 40 grit sandpaper. Get some Evercoat Vette panel adhesive and spread it on the hood and scoop where they meet. Place the scoop on the hood and pop rivet it down. You will have to work fast as the Vette panel adhesive kicks pretty quickly. Test it before so you can get an idea of how fast it is. You can slow it a bit by cutting back on the activator. Once the scoop and hood bond has cured sand the excess Vette panel adhesive away. I would not use Bondo to fill in the areas, I would use fiberglass mat and cloth. Use Bondo like materials only to fill in low spots after the majority is filled with fiberglass mat and resin.

Harwood can give you some tips on what they have found works for them also.

If I remember correctly the factory glass hood scoops were placed so the mounting flange was under the hood instead of on top of it. An opening was cut so the glass scoop could be inserted up through the opening.


lluciano77 08-07-2005 10:40 AM

Will the rivets still show up when I am finished?

malc 08-07-2005 11:24 AM

I countersunk my rivets and left them in place.
The cowl was glued on with an adhesive I got from the bodyshop.

302 Z28 08-07-2005 04:06 PM


Originally Posted by lluciano77
Will the rivets still show up when I am finished?

No, a fillet of fiberglass resin will cover them.


S10xGN 08-07-2005 06:32 PM

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This is a pic of my (steel) S-10 hood with an older turbo regal (steel) hood bulge glued to it using 3M body adhesive. The fit was pretty close as-is and very little filler was required. No cracks what-so-ever after 3 years of duty...


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