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Mopar 360 swap

Hey everyone, posting for my friend so bare with me. Alright, story starts off with a 360 magnum outa his dads '94 or 95 Dodge ram 1500. The engine randomly lost a cylinder and ran like CRAP. We ran a compression test and got spectacularly low readings. Anyways, we pulled the engine and replaced it. So now my friend and I have a FREE 360 and alot of times on our hands. The engine was in bad shape, burned/ leaked oil, dropped a cylinder, and had LOW compression. Although there are maybe 150,000 KM at most on it, they where pretty abusive LOL. Anyways, we pull the engine apart and find that the reason it dropped a cylinder was because a part of the exhaust valve broke off and jumped around in the bore for a bit After some close inspection it turns out it didn't even hurt the bore!!! All it did was pit the top of the piston a little, but not very much. Also, there is NO ridge what so ever.

Anyways, my friend and I are now going to take on a new project, reviving a '57 Dodge Fargo. Right now its sitting on the farm and has been sitting for at least the past 11 years. From what we where told it is supposed to have a straight 6 and a 3 on the tree. Our plan is to get the truck home, pull the engine and tranny, pack them away nice and easy in case we ever want to make her stock again, and drop the 360 in.

In the effort to do it the cheapest way passable I believe my friend wants to use the Auto tranny from the dodge ram. I know we will need to get a custom drive shaft but does anyone know if the mounts will work? I have a feeling the tranny mounts will need to be moved o fabed up.

As for the engine, we are going to pick up a rebuild kit from Summit and pretty much just re ring it. As for the piston I am pretty sure its alright, its just very slight pitting. Our plan for the heads where to go to a machine shop and see if they might have a extra valve we might be able to pick up, or maybe just head to the JY to see if we could just pull a set of heads. Anyways, we where just gunna clean the valve up and stick it in and re lap all the valves. As for the intake and Distributor we are going to use a '74 360 intake and pick up a new HEI from summit.

My friend and I really aren't looking for anything special or any sorda hot rod. The main goal is to have a running truck to haul stuff, and tow me home from the track when I break down LOL.

I know I wrote a whole lot but my friend wanted me to come ask some guys with more experience before he starts blowin cash. Thanks in advance everyone,

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