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Post More Gasser stuff (Kinda long)

Well, I've just finished perusing all the posts in this section, all 21 pages. Pretty impressive. I found a few clues to my project here, & hopefully, y'all will come up with some more.
After many years of running factory muscle cars on the street, mt wife & I have decided it's time to go racing.
We're starting out with just barely a cut above a bare Garage floor & building a Gasser style ET Bracket car. This will be a Pro-Bracket, footbrake, no transbrake or electronics (delay, stutter, etc.) We're anticipating 11 second runs, maybe high 10's. At this time we have no interest or desire to build it to run in the 9's at all.
What we have is a 1939 Studebaker 5 window Champion Coupe. Body, frame, & a 1953 Washington state title. No moving parts at all, unless you count the glove box door. No axles, springs, etc. However, the pieces I do have are pretty solid.
I've been poring over the web for the past month trying to dig up as much info on front suspensions for this car as possible. Nothing. (Umm, let me point out here that I'm kinda cheap. Doesn't make sense for me to pay $20.00 for a factory manual for this car for 1 - 2 bits of info, then never look at it again).
So. We need to determine what type of front axle & springs to put under this car. Again, it will be Gasser style so NO Mustang stuff, rack & pinion or IFS at all.
The only info I've been able to come up with (from a questionable, pudgy, source) is that the front end is a 57.5" track. (rough) Measuring inside the fenders front & rear validates this. I have determined that with a narrowed rear end, tubs & offsets on the rear wheels that I have enough room to fatten this up to about 64", in the rear end, outside sidewall to outside sidewall.
I have also determined that I can match this at the front end using an axle that is 46" center to center at the kingpin bosses, mid 60's Econoline spindles & offsets on the front wheel.
My concerns are that all the I-Beam axles and tube axles I find are either too wide or utilize a single front spring across the axle. We would like to use parallel leafs, probably with torsion bars. My thinking is that this would be a bit more solid set up. The car may very well pull the front wheels up a bit on launch. It should have enough power for a gentle landing, but...
So. Who's got some thoughts on this? Phat? I've read a lot of your replies on front ends. Have you set something like this up before?
Oh, I've been to all the Gasser sites on the web, read everything I could get my eyes on, downloaded pictures of cars built 30 years ago & 2 years ago & enhanced them as best I can (thanks Photoshop). I've also been to the web sites of Alstons, Comp Engineering, Chassis Engineering, TCI, Posies, & many, many more sites. Also, Art Morrison's shop is just a few miles up the road so I've been in there a few times, too. This project is being well researched, at the least.
If you care, I'm also doing all major modifications to the frame & body on the computer before I cut any steel, thanks to the magic of AutCad.
Rest of the car details are fluffed up 455" Olds, TH350, 9" Ford, 4.56 gears, 30" tall tire in rear (12" width), 27" tire up front (6" width), 12 point cage.
Phew. I'm exhausted. That was a lot of typing.
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