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Originally Posted by cdminter59 View Post
I have done some checking on this combo. Stock 350 block height is 9.020"-9.025". The rod length, 1/2 of stroke, and piston compression height don't add up to what you say. 5.70"+1.740"+1.560"= 9.0". Pistons are .025" down in the hole. For quench you have .025"+.015"= .040". You have 55" for quench. On the KB compression calculator your combo has 10.10 static compression and the dynamic compression ratio is 9.075. To run on pump gas you would want to have 7.5-8.5 DCR to avoid detonation. Keep an ear out for any pinging or knock. The 882 heads have the small 151cc intake ports is probably why it seems torquey. Here is the intake flow rates .100-70, .200-125, .300-175, .400-204, .500-205, .600-206. The exhaust flows .100-59, .200-109, .300-136, .400-143, .500-144, .600-145. A stock set of Vortec heads have 170cc intake ports and flow .500-239 intake and 160 exh. But like was said you cannot use them because they have 64cc chambers. The good news is I just finished reading an article on a 355 9.1 compression engine with 882 heads that were ported and 2.02 & 1.60 valves were swap in. The cam was a Crane PowerMax .427/.454 lift with 204/216 duration. Hold on to your hat, it produced 367hp & 442 lbs torque. Chevy Small Block Build - Mildly Amusing - Super Chevy Magazine

This isn't that different from what you currently have, BUT it has a better intake, better carb, and is probably painstakingly assembled and tuned, and ran under ideal conditions. As TI has implied though their engine has great midrange power and yours can too (and already does to some extent).

If you want a good street engine concentrate on midrange power (what people often mislabel as torque) not peak power.

BTW can you post your dyno graph, often the graph can show problems that you may not be aware of.
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